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7th Generation iPod Nano – Features, Price, Pictures, Battery Life

Slimmer and taller – the seventh generation new iPod Nano from Apple is a complete redesign of any of the predecessors. This music player is still compact in size and light and easy to carry around. Looking at the new devices in the market, with iPhone and iPads also having great music capabilities creating the need of a separate music player is different. Yet, iPod nano is looked at as a must have music device especially when you need the music and no phones!

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From a design perspective, iPod Nano presents you with truly good features. It is smaller than the iPod touch. It also has a volume button that is on the left side and easy to operate even without looking. Headphone jack are present towards the bottom right. There is a USB charging connector included too. But there is a difference here. If you are looking at connecting to the existing speaker docks, you will need a special adapter – the lightening 30 pin Adapter that is available only as an apple product. It costs quite a sum too. As for the look and feel of the device, it’s smooth and looks great and comes in a compact size. It is about three inches tall and weighs only 1.1 ounce.

Those new to MP3 players find it very easy to use because the device itself is intuitive and Apple has done a great job with the user friendly interface of the device. The big icons are on the home screen and you can personalize them. Just one tap on the screen can open your music and another tap can play it for you. You can switch to videos too.

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If you are a regular runner or enjoy exercise while listening to music, iPod Nano is just the right choice for you. Being light and compact it is easy to carry around while running too. The good thing is it has a stopwatch feature to time your exercise and you can now make workouts more fun than just a boring exercise routine.

You will need to use iTunes to move music in and out of the device. You can watch a video, but you cannot record it.

It is nice to have a touch screen display to view on the iPod. It does not stop there – with the iPod Nano you get a multi touch display screen. You can touch and pinch to zoom pictures. It’s a great feature for a compact device.

You do not get internet connectivity – so you won’t be able to connect to the internet and download music. However, the good news is that you have Bluetooth to transfer files and music from other Bluetooth enabled devices. You can even connect to other devices like speakers and headphones that support Bluetooth to connect.

Other than these there are a whole set of features like FM Radio to make it more interesting. With 30 hours of battery life it is definitely a device to carry along if you need music while you walk, jog, run, walk to the train station or bus stop or just laze around for that matter.

The cost of the seventh generation iPod Nano is $149 for a 16 GB model. Apple has introduced new models of iPod Shuffle at $49

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