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Amanda Todd Commits Suicide after Telling Bullies to Stop on Youtube

Teenager Amanda Todd from Vancouver city committed suicide after a long battle of being bullied online. Miss Todd updated her story on YouTube few months ago revealing her pain of being bullied online which lead to her suicide. The authorities declared her dead after finding her unconscious in Coquitlam, Canada on a Wednesday night.

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A number of Amanda’s videos on YouTube depict a heart-wrenching story of a 7th Grade student- a victim of cyber and offline bullying. She started sharing her diaries on cue cards as to how she would go online in search of finding new people and making friends with and also sharing an unusual moment of how a stranger cajoled her through web-camera.

A year later, Amanda disclosed how a man trapped her on Facebook, threatening to cycle her topless pictures if she does not come for a show. This strange man had every single detail about her, her address, school and friends, relatives and her family members too. Within a short span of time, her nude pictures were circulated online and forwarded to everyone.

A row of chain naked pictures led Amanda develop depression, anxiety disorders, and fall into the path of drugs and alcohol which she revealed in a video. To escape this and the bullies, she changed schools to find a new gang of friends only to find that the stranger has created her fake Facebook profile making use of her topless and naked pictures.

Amanda Todd was bullied again and again which began to kill her within. She changed her school again and found a boy showing interest in her, and how he trapped her with a group of girls to bully her. Her diary reveals how she tried to seek help from teachers but all in vain. She tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach but had been saved by her father.

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Miss Todd’s bullying continued despite of her many efforts. Her father consulted a psychologist and prescribed anti-depressants to fight her severe depression. But ultimately, no medication seemed to help her and laid her to the path of committing suicide.


Amanda Todd  Photos

Here are some of the file photos of Amanda Todd from Facebook and with her mother Carol Todd

If you are a victim of bullying, feeling depressed or need help, you can go to or contact  1-800-273-TALK (8255) at

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