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Apple hater microwaves iPhone 5 !

iPhone 5 cooked in microwave pictures and video has become viral, what with an Apple hater burning the latest Apple product in microwave and keeping it live for the world to see. The Apple hater even posted a 5 minute video on Youtube to show viewers how he cooked his iPhone 5

The user puts a disclaimer saying that people should not perform these stunts at home unless someone who is a microwave operator with 30 years of qualified professional microwaving experience ! Then he shows off his new, dazzling thinnest phone in the world, the iPhone 5.

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Not caring about the fact that he spent thousands of dollars for this, he puts the brand new device into an old microwave and turns it on. Quickly enough, there is a crackling sound and the iPhone 5 is set on fire. Moments later, the iPhone 5 bursts into a ball of flames.

Having burnt for 3 minutes, there is a blast of water on the phone before it is removed from the oven with an iron fistula. The black iPhone 5 is one piece, not disintegrated.  Then the user says that the burnt iPhone 5, readily cooked is for sale on a free iBall skull.

As a way to gain maximum online mileage, this publicity stunt makes the guy poorer by $3001, the cost of the iPhone he bought on sale, from eBay.

iPhone 5 cooked in microwave pictures

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iPhone 5 microwaving video

Here is the video of this man cooking an iPhone 5 in the microwave

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