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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affairs with Brigitte Nielsen, Mildred Baena

Recently Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to have illegally engaged in an extra marital affair with Brigitte Nielsen while shooting for their movie “Red Sonja”. Arnold confessed of cheating his wife, Maria Shriver, with whom he was married for over 25 years now. Arnold made it quite clear that he was involved with Brigitte in his recently released autobiography. He also claimed to have dated Brigitte at the same time he was dating with his wife Shriver.

However, Arnold admitted that he knew his affair with Nielsen will not last long and it also made the fact quite clear that he should now marry Maria Shriver. TIME Magazine reports that the alleged affair between Arnold and Nielsen started when they were filming “Red Sonja” in the year 1985. Before Arnold, Nielsen was engaged to five more men, two of them being the superstar Sylvester Stallone and the rapper Flavor Flav in the year 2005. She was even popular Celebrity Rehab show featuring Dr Drew, on alcoholism in the year 2008.

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Arnold got married to Maria in the year 1986 and their marriage fell apart in 2011. In the autobiography, he even disclosed the fact that he betrayed his wife not only once, but twice. Not only with Nielsen, but Arnold was even engaged to Mildred Baena, one of his housekeepers, with whom he even had a child. Arnold told the media that all of these incidents affected his wife Maria and his children very badly and was probably the stupidest thing he had ever done.

Arnold Schwarzenegger affair with Brigitte Nielsen and Mildred Baena in picures

Arnold Schwarzenegger had affair with Brigitte Nielsen during the filming of Red Sonja in 1985

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The same year, she married Sylvester Stallone before divorcing in 1987.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was two timing his to-be-wife Maria Shiver with  Brigitte.  The actress said, “”Maybe I wouldn’t have got into it if he said ‘I’m going to marry Maria’ and this is dead serious, but he didn’t, and our affair carried on.”

Here are Arnold Schwarzenegger’s  children 

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child Joseph
Mildred Patricia Baena, 50, the housekeeper whom Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair and the love child with, divorced her husband Rogelio de Jesus on January 03, 2012,

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