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Barack Obama’s Daughters – Malia and Sasha celebrate with Dad !

President Obama after his re-election appeared on stage with his daughters Sasha and Malia.   Incidentally, Sasha’s real name is Natasha.  Compared to Republican candidate Mitt Romney who was always surrounded by his children and grandchildren, Barack Obama’s daughters Malia 14 and Sasha 11, were kept out of the public eye during the grueling campaign.  By the end President Obama completes his second term,  Malia may be an adult and Sasha will be 15-  the girls will have spent half their lives in the White House.

While Obama and his daughters were a part of the campaign four years ago, this time ago, the girls were out of the picture during the intense campaigning session. It is only after Obama became the president, they came back into the limelight.

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Oba ma said that his daughters were  ‘two smart, beautiful women, just like their mother’.  The girls were hoping that their dad would gift them another pet, on winning the election but the father seemed to have other ideas. He said, “one dog is probably enough.”

Barack and Michelle had made it a point to keep their daughters out of the limelight so that their childhood would not be hampered with.  In New Hampshire radio interview on the Election Day, Obam has voiced that being a parent is not always easy.  A co-host’s 12 year old daughter, Taylor asked him, ‘Mr President, my mom won’t let me date until I’m 16. Do you allow your daughters to date yet?’

Obama said that Sasha, 11, his younger daughter, did not yet seem to be interested in dating. He said that for Malia, 14, now in high school, there hadn’t been ‘anything official’ yet.’I would say that you should talk it through with your parents and the time will be right where there’s nothing wrong with a young man coming by, introducing himself, being very proper and polite and making sure that you guys get home at a reasonable time. But I’m going to leave that up to your mom to make sure that she sets the ground rules.” he said. Obama had also voiced his concern about Malia going on Facebook because she was so famous.

The President said,  ‘I’m very keen on protecting her privacy. She can make her own decisions as she gets older, but right now, for security reasons, she does not have a Facebook page.’

Obama ‘s daughters- Malia and Sasha are mid-way through term at the private Sidwell Friends School they attend in D.C.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama had said that she wanted to give her daughters normal childhood and teenage life, where they could learn the values of humility, kindness and respect for people.

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Obama daughters Malia and Sasha Pictures

Barack Obama daughters Malia Sasha picsBarack Obama children
Barack Obama daughters school pics

These are the pics of Sidwell Friends School which Obama’s children attend

Sidwell Friends School

Barack Obama daughters Sidwell Friends School

Obama daughters school

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