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Beyonce Diet, Workout Tips

What does Beyonce eat to stay so fit with a superb figure ?  There is no hard and fast diet followed by the famous singer.  She just believes in eating healthy and working out regularly.

On September 4, 2012, Beyonce Knowles celebrated her 31st birthday, and she is looking healthier and fitter than ever. Looking at her now, it is hard to believe that she had put on 60 pounds during her pregnancy. After giving birth to her daughter in January 2012, Beyonce lost all that weight via a watchful diet and plenty of cardio.

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Beyonce has stated that she lost a majority of weight from breastfeeding, and hence encourages all women to do it. She reiterates that it is good for the mother as well as the baby. Beyonce adhered to a strict diet which did not consist of cheat days, for a few months post childbirth.

Beyonce breastfed for nearly ten weeks. During this time she counted her calories and worked out 3 to 4 times per week. In the beginning she use to walk a lot. Now, she runs a lot on the treadmill. She affirms that it was not possible for her to start running right after pregnancy.

Even though Beyonce had followed the Master Cleanse liquid diet in 2006, so as to play her role in the movie ‘Dreamgirls,’ she is not a big fan of extreme diet plans. She states that she gained back all her weight after finishing the movie. She definitely does not advise liquid diets.

Beyonce has also stated that women who are blessed with good skin also have to take care of it. Drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting plenty of rest helps in maintaining the skin condition.

Beyonce saves time

Beyonce is very fond of Marco Borges, the celebrity trainer. He trains her with the help of his famous Power Moves Philosophy. This regimen allows Beyonce to save time, as the system is based on exercises which work on many muscle groups at the same time. Interval training is another method which helps her save time. She changes between running and sprinting on the treadmill, thereby burning extra calories over a short period of time.

She is realistic

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Beyonce has often said that she eats whatever she wants to, and never misses out on her gym sessions. She also has the correct outlook. She knows that there are no shortcuts to a healthy and fitter life. A healthy body requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. It is more about your mental frame of mind rather than physical strength. Individuals who want to become fit and healthy have to push themselves. The choice of a trainer or a diet program is not the most important thing. People have to make the correct choices in order to be healthy.

She motivates herself

Beyonce always finds ways to keep her motivation levels high. For example, she will put up a dress that she wants to fit into near the treadmill. Also, music is one of her main sources of inspiration for workouts. She usually puts on one of her favorite songs and begins her exercise program. By the end of the song, she has already burned the required calories. Music is indeed a very important component of Beyonce’s workout program and her life!

She never lets go of exercise opportunities

Beyonce is a very famous and busy celebrity. However, she never lets go of any opportunity to exercise. Whenever she get a few extra minutes in between her busy schedule, she goes for lunges, squats, planks, and other calorie-burning moves. The place and time are not a matter of concern.

She indulges herself in a smart way

Beyonce did follow the Master Cleanse program to lose weight; but since then she has learnt from her past mistakes. She maintains that there are many healthier ways to drop those extra pounds. Deprivation and starvation is not the way to lose weight. Beyonce plays smart and eats a healthy breakfast, takes salads for lunch, and finishes the day with a light dinner. This gives her the option to cheat on Sundays.

Beyonce diet and workout

The diet of Beyonce include lots of green vegetables. She avoids alcohol, red meat, and bread. Her favorite cheat food is chocolate, which she compensates for with plenty of time on the treadmill.

Beyonce tends to exercise five days in a week. She begins the day with a small bowl of cereal. She waits for thirty minutes to allow it to digest. She then commences a cardio session that lasts for half an hour. Later, she tones up the body with a 45-minute dumbbell workout session.

It may however be noted that Beyonce keeps changing her cardio sessions to avoid getting bored. She usually opts for elliptical, biking, running, and especially dancing. Her dumbbell workout includes sets of bicep curls,chest presses, tricep kick-backs, single-leg lunges, front raises, and Bosu ball squats. Occasionally, she indulges in yoga to relax and energize the mind.

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