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Boston Marathon Suspects – Photos, Names – One Dead, One Alive

Boston Marathon Bombing terrorist suspects have been identified as Tamerlan Tsamaev (26) and his brother  Dzhokhar Tsamaev (19).  Speaking to New York Times,  police officials who shot down Tamerlan dead, said that the pair belonged to Chechnya, Russia and have been living in the US legally for the past one year.  Dzhokhar is still at large and is being furiously sought by the police.

On Thursday evening at around 10.20 pm,  an MIT police officer was responding to firing by two suspects. The police officer was grievously injured in the exchange of gun-fire and later died at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  After the MIT shootout, police received information about car-jacking at Cambridge.  The two male suspects had kept the victim holed in the car for half an hour.  They finally let him go at the gas-station and drove away with the car.

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The police embarked on a search for that vehicle,  as they drove to Watertown, Mass.  The car was sighted at the intersection of Laurel and Dexter. The suspects hurled explosives and challenged officers in gun-fire.  An MBT police officer was grievously injured and is now serious.  Tamerlan Tsamaev, critically injured in the battle, was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead. Dzhokhar Tsamaev is armed and is still at large.

A haunting picture emerged of one the19 year old bomber Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev, standing just a few feet away from Martin Richard, holding a rucksack which probably carried one of the two bombs that killed three and injured 176 people.  Martin was waiting for his father to give him a hug as he crossed the finishing line, but was not lucky, as he was blown by the impact of the twin blasts.

Tsarnev was seen calmly walking away as hundreds of people ran helter skelter running for their lives. This same Boston Marathon bomber was caught in a surveillance camera when he was robbing a convenience store after allegedly shot a police officer on MIT Campus on Thursday night.

Suspect one Tamerlan Tsarnev was seen dressed in a black baseball cap and Khaki trousers on that fateful day  His brother Dzohkar Tsarnev, suspect two was wearing white baseball cap backwards with grey hoody and black pants. The video shootage show the two do not talking to each other but walking in the same direction with backpacks slung from their shoulders.  The  video also shows Dzokhar Tsarnaev standing few feet away from where Martin Richard was standing.  There is also a video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev planting the bomb but FBI has not released it because the media may overexpose it.

Tamerlan is showng walking towards the finishing line and the scene of the first blast, as his brother is seen disappearing in the crowd. Then we see the blast and carnage with runners and spectators feeling in pandemonium. In the midst of all this, we see Dzhokhar Tsarnaev walking away calmly.  These pictures were taken by one Florida businessman David Green who brought them to the notice of FBI after they lodged a public appeal to identify the Boston Marathon bombers.  The FBI also have video that they do not release, of Tamerlan Tsarnaev who stayed back to watch the carnage. Tamerlan also reportedly, had a bomb strapped to his chest, when he was killed by the police.

The Boston authorities have closed all mass transit and have warned people to stay indoors and not open the door to anyone.  They believe Dzhokhar have explosives strapped to his body.  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev posted online that ‘he will kill anyone because we killed his brother’  The police have gheroaed his house and the home is surrounded by FBI and a bomb squad is posted on high alert.

Boston Marathon Terrorist Pictures

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Facebook, Twitter

Boston Bombing terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has a profile on the Russian equivalent of Facebook, called VK.  On the site, he calls himself as a 2011 graduate from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, a public school in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He lists his languages as English, Russian and Chechen.  His world view is ‘Islam’ and his personal priority is ‘career and money’.  He has posted links to fighters of Syrian Civil War and to Islamic web pages like ‘ “Salamworld, my religion is Islam” and “There is no God but Allah, let that ring out in our hearts”.
A Twitter account which is believed to be fake was opened in the name of Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev with tweets going back a few hours. By Friday morning, the account had more than 4800 followers annd is still increasing. In one of the Tweets, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev threatend to kill Boston Police Department. This tweet received 400 retweets and many replies. Soon, it occured that account was phony but some people took it seriously and investigators kept a tab on the account.

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