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Bowen’s disease – pictures

Bowen’s disease is a type of skin disorder that is closely linked to skin cancer, often affecting the outermost skin layer called epidermis. This form of skin disorder is slow growing with higher chances of favorable prognosis. People suffering from this condition notice a red and flaky skin patch on the lower part of their legs which they sometimes thought of as psoriasis.

Bowen’s disease is also referred to squamous cell carcinoma in situ, so individuals who have it should start treatment immediately as the condition may aggravate to cancer (squamous cell carcinoma). There is variety of ways to treat Bowen’s disease, all of which are often successful.

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How does Bowen’s disease occur?

The skin disorder occurs as a result of the abnormal cell growth in the outer layer of the skin or epidermis. Anyone can develop the illness but it is more common among women and mid-aged adults. It more frequently occurs in fair-skinned people than dark-skinned ones. This abnormality could be due to:

  • Too much sun exposure
  • Arsenic poisoning
  • Human papilloma virus
  • Immunosupression
  • History of skin injury
  • Inflammatory skin problems

How is Bowen’s disease manifested?

This skin condition is characterized by red, scaly, flat and elevated patch or patches on the skin. The skin patches have irregular edges and grow slowly. Sometimes, they may get irritated, swollen or bleed. When the condition is on the area surrounding the vulva, white patches can also be noted. Bowen’s disease may spread with bigger lesions with diameters reaching several centimeters.

Bowen’s disease – diagnosis and treatment

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The condition is often taken for granted due to the absence of symptoms. The doctor will carefully evaluate the disease by means of skin examination, physical exam and biopsy. He or she will also consider the patient’s medical history. There are plenty of treatment options to choose from, and these are:

  • Curettage
  • Cryosurgery
  • Topical creams
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery

All of these treatment methods work well, so there is no reason for individuals with Bowen’s disease to delay treatment as doing so may only aggravate the condition, making it extremely difficult to treat.

Bowen’s disease pictures


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