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Brooke Burke’s Melasma Fight

Also known as ‘the mask of pregnancy’ or ‘chloasma’, melasma is a tan or dark skin discoloration. Melasma can affect anybody but it is more commonly found among pregnant women and women in general. Women who are on patch/oral contraceptives and hormonal therapies and medications are more vulnerable to melasma. There are chances that it might go away after hormonal changes are stable. Often diagnosed on the basis of clinical examination, melasma patches and its discoloration can mostly be seen on the face, especially cheeks, forehead and jawline. Although it has always been associated with pregnancy new researches have shown that there could be other reasons such as nutrition, lifestyle, generic history, hormonal changes and sun exposure. However it does not resolve like sun tanning on its own and one needs treatments such as hormonal therapies, chemical peels, and laser treatments.

Television personality, model and actress, and famed from “Dancing with the Stars” Brooke Burke has been dealing with melasma after her son’s birth from last few years and according to her own statement, it’s the worst her doctors have ever come across. In her blog called ‘Modern Mom’ she once mentioned that she finds this condition of having annoying brown spots on her face very hormonal and frustrating.

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Currently the host of Dancing with the Stars with Tom Bergeron she otherwise keeps her face covered due to sun light’s exposure. Her spots kept changing with each birth she gave. After her son’s birth the spots on her cheeks became tougher covering her entire cheek. She has openly revealed her condition on one of the shows called The Doctors Talk show when she wiped off her heavy makeup and went in for a treatment with another woman from the audience suffering from Melasma. She went under two laser treatments and a chemical peel which isn’t painful but it could not fix her problem. However the same treatment worked for the other women who went with Brooke Burke.

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She affirmed that she has been trying numerous treatments, that includes fractional laser, skin lightening products, lasers, chemical peel offs, and bleachers but has hardly seen any positive result. Bruke has also promoted a skin discoloration product called Melarase that controls and hides the dark pigmentation by controlling the production of melanin that causes Melasma. She calls in one of her interview Melasma as ‘tricky and stubborn’ which gets worst with the sun. From almost a year the natural look lover has been spotted covering up her spots with huge sun glasses, caps and hats as well as face covers. Bruke has always been candid in discussing the embarrassment she faces due to the facial pigmentation, especially post her pregnancies when she also lost her hair and had to opt for extensions.

Brooke Burke – Melasma Pictures


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  1. Tara says:

    I’ve used a combination of Meladerm and Obagi skin care with Retin a micro gel and my melasma is 80 percent gone.

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