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Bruce Springsteen – Vote for Obama

At the final day of campaign, Barack Obama found massive support in singer Bruce Springsteen as he urged a jam-packed crowd on November 5, 2012. in Madison, Wisconsin, to vote for  the president. He performed before the start of the campaign event for President Barack Obama near the State Capitol Building. In fact, the singer had also taken part in three Obama rallies on the last day of the campaign in Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin and had been traveling with Obama on Air Force One.

The ‘Dancing in the Dark’ said that Obama was no mean singer himself  He joked, “ “I think that he has musical aspirations for himself, that’s why I need him to stay at the White House for the next four years, I don’t need the competition.”

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“For the past 30 years, I have been writing my music about the distance between the American dream and American reality .Our vote tomorrow is the one deniable way we get to determine the distance in that equation. Tomorrow we get a personal hand in shaping the kind of America we want our kids to grow up in,” said Mr.Springsteen to a a welcome round of applause.

Springsteen confided that Obama’s first debate performance was lethargic and had ‘freaked him out’ but the President was back on his own and  “schooled”Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the other two showdowns.

“I stood with President Obama four years ago and I’m proud of standing with him today,” Springsteen said, saying he was thankful for Obama’s reform of health care and Wall Street regulations.

Springsteen entertained people with “No Surrender” and followed up with classics “Promised Land” and “Land of Hope and Dreams.”

An emotionally overwhelmed Obama gave Bruce Springsteen a bear hug and said, “I cannot imagine not being fired up after listening to Bruce Springsteen and I can’t thank him enough for everything that he’s done for this campaign.He is an American treasure. He gets embarrassed when you talk about him that way.“But he tells the story of what our country is and what it should be and what it can be. And I get to fly around with him on the last day that I will ever campaign. So that’s not a bad way to end things.

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