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Can antibiotics make you tired?

Antibiotics are medicines which help to slow down or destroy the growth of bacteria in the body. Increased quantities of bacteria in the body can result in a number of diseases. Antibiotics are prescribed to treat such bacterial infections. Antibiotics do not cause tiredness. The exhaustion is the result of elevated levels of bacteria in the body. Bacterial infections also result in additional workload for the body which tries to get rid of the excess bacteria, which is what eventually leads to exhaustion.

The working mechanism of antibiotics

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Elevated levels of bacteria in the body can lead to varied diseases and bacterial infections. Antibiotics are used to destroy the bacteria and also treat the associated disease. There are many kinds of antibiotics. A specific antibiotic is prescribed to treat a particular type of bacterial infection. Antibiotics do not destroy the cells in the body. Instead they target only the bacteria present in the body.

Every kind of antibiotic works in a special manner. A few antibiotics inhibit the ability of bacteria to convert glucose into energy, thereby preventing their multiplication. Others prevent the development of the cell wall and other cell contents of the bacterium, while many others prevent the bacteria from producing chemicals which are essential for their survival.

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Bacteriostatic antibiotics only suppress the bacteria from multiplying. The action of destroying the now-weakened bacteria is left to the immune system. These antibiotics work by stopping the cell division activities of the bacteria.

Bactericides are those types of antibiotics which actually kill off the bacteria.

Side effects of antibiotics

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fungal infections of the mouth and digestive tract are common side effects of antibiotics. Some individuals may suffer from allergic reactions to antibiotics. In rare instances, intake of antibiotics can lead to photosensitivity, kidney stone, clotting disorders, hearing loss, etc.

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