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Carolina Dieckmann fotos (pictures)


Carolina Dieckmann fotos  are a rage these days because they were stolen a few days ago and they were leaked online.  The actress spoke about the theft of pictures some of which in which she has appeared exposing her modesty.  Police sources confirmed that all in 36 pictures of Carolina Dieckmann were stolen, totaling up to 60 files removed from her family computer.

Carolina said that at no time entertained pay the $ 10,000 demanded by criminals as a money for giving back the photos.  . “I was told by Alex, my manager. I picked up the phone in time to go and it was written: the photos are on the internet.” She said. She also had the fear that her 13 year old son may have seen those pictures but said that she would rather be a strong woman who would not give in to the threats of the blackmailers.

. Carolina Dieckmann  said that her husband TV director James Worcman was a strong support system. She said he assured him saying Nobody died, nobody has terminal cancer. You are beautiful, the photos were for me, ”

The popular Brazilian actress says that cybercrime is no smaller than common crimes like assaults and robberies. She said, . “It’s a feeling in the chest with a knife,” described by saying he wants to see justice done. Carolina Dieckmann is the most popular actress in Brazil right now.

Carolina Dieckmann fotos

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