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Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut – Whose fault was it ?

A bus driver from Cleveland, Ohio has been alleged to hit a passenger woman who according to the grapevine had been passing hurtful comments during the ride which lead to placing a punch at the women’s jaw. The matter is being looked into by the Transit Authority of Greater Cleveland Region (RTA).

The video of the entire scene had been recorded on a camera by a fellow passenger and was updated on a website including YouTube and it was since then that it began circulating on social bookmarking sites like Reddit.

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The reason behind the bus driver and the woman passenger fighting over is unclear, but a female voice can be clearly heard threatening the driver. This lead to a heated argument between the driver and the woman and resulted in the driver punching the lady.

According to the RTA officials, this incident occurred on Sept. 18. After thorough investigation, the bus driver was identified and his duties were terminated henceforth. On his behalf, the RTA officials apologized for this shameful act. This act is one of the most shameful act in the history of the Transit Authority and proper measures has been ensured to punish the guilty and let the storm blow over.

The latest news is that the name of the bus driver is Artis Hughes and the female passenger Shidea N.Lane.  According to the information provided by, Lane allegedly got off the bus without paying, saying that she forgot her backpack. She went on to ask “Are you putting me off the bus” and “Is this the way you treat people in Cleveland?”  Shidea Lane, however, paid the driver and got off the bus but not before calling Hughes ‘a bitch’. The two had a verbal agreement. The police say that Lane had tried to grab Hughes’ neck and spat in his face and struck him with her fist to which he retaliated.  Initially, the news being floated was that the girl was a teenager. But information from Fox 18 and other major stations indicated that the woman who punched the Cleveland bus driver is 25 years old.

Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut Pictures

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The woman passenger you see in this picture is  Shidea N.Lane

The bus driver Artis Hughes getting into a heated argument with Miss Lane.

A heated exchange of words follows

The bus driver delivers the infamous uppercut that would put him off his job later.

Cleveland bus driver uppercut video

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