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Crabs STD Pictures

Crabs STD is medically called ‘ pediculosis pubis ‘.  The crabs are actually tiny parasites that dig into the skin to feed on the blood, they make their habitat on coarse hair like pubic hair, armpit hair, facial hair and even in eye-lashes.  These small creatures use their tiny claws to hold on to hair strands.

Crabs STD is mostly transmitted during sexual activity, but they can also be passed through sharing clothes, beds, towels and sweat. Contrary to popular perception,  it is not spread through sharing toilet seats, swimming pools,

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Symptoms of crabs STD

It is evident that the person is being infected after he or she feels a terrible itch that makes the skin hypersensitive.  The area becomes grayish blue due to nibbling of the lice. So the symptoms include

1.      Itchy skin

2.      Inflammation of the affected area

3.      Visible lice moving and eggs

4.      Blood visible due to lice deriving its nourishment from the blood-vessels in the skin.

Crab STD treatment

You can treat crab STD without prescription.  One of the best ways is to apply Permethrin 1% crème and then rinse the area well to kill the lice, and then pat dry with clean towel.  If you want to keep the hair and not shave it off, then you have to comb it with a fine, clean tooth comb  because the dead lice may still be sticking to the coarse hair.   There is another prescription medication called Lindane, which can treat crab STD,  but it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and for children below 2 years of age. Also exercising hygiene, keeping the area clean and using  anti-parasite shampoos, lotions etc can kill the lice and eggs.

Crab STD pictures

Check out pubic lice pictures and see how crabs STD look

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