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Deer tick Pictures

Deer ticks are a category of arthropods which include spiders, mites etc. They can be either hard-bodies or soft-bodies and can cause diseases like Lyme disease which is blamed to show symptoms that can be confused with various other illnesses.  Lyme disease can start off with flu-like symptoms typically but if not treated in time, can worse and can cause many problems including rheumatoid arthritis

 How do deer ticks look ?

They are tiny, almost looking like a sesame seed. The females are brick-red with a black looking protrusion near the head. The males are black bodies. The blood sucking females engorge after feeding.  These ticks mainly feed on deer which is why the name, but they are also known to feed on dogs, horses, cattle and even humans.

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Risk factors for deer ticks

The main risk for deer tick progressing into Lyme disease is the greatest in the months of June and July, the summer season when  tick is at the ‘nymph’ stage. This is also the point intime, when there are summer vacations, and children tend to be outdoors mostly.  During the fall, when adults are active, the risk of deer ticks also increases.

Symptoms  of deer ticks

The main symptoms of deer ticks include headache, flu-like symptoms, pain and swelling in the joints, bull’s-eye rash caused due to tick bite.

One thing to note is that the symptoms of Lyme disease often mimic other diseases. In fact 82 percent of people who suffer from Lyme disease have been known to get a rash within 2 to 4 weeks.  Many other complex symptoms set in by the next few months or years.

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Deer tick bite treatment

Remove the deer tick as soon as you see it. If the tick is not removed within 24 hours, the bacteria begin to spread through the body. You can remove the ticks with the help of tweezers.  Do not use Vaseline, nailpolish, matches etc which can only cause trauma to the tick and spread out its gut content.  Take hold of the tick with tweezers around its head, near the skin and pull it up gradually and steadfastly. Disinfect the bite after this with an antiseptic .

Deer Tick Pictures

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