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Diablo 3 – Error Codes, Pictures

Diablo 3 release date was on May 15 2012. The uber cool action thriller game has opened to glowing reviews and fantastic response.  The game had a terrific demand, on the opening day, so much that the server had a tough time coping with the demand.  Game developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment acknowledged the problem and gave a clarification on the errors that gamers encountered.
Error 37: This means that Diablo III’s servers are full due to high login traffic. Thus, players are advised to wait and try again.

Error 3005 and 3006 (Time Outs):  Please wait and try again.

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Error 3006 (Demon Hunter):  Occurs when a gamer is playing Demon Hunter and his Templar gets a shield before killing Jondar. In turn, the player will be disconnected from The game developer is trying to resolve this issue with a hotfix.

Error 14009 and 315300: No explanation given, although there is a player workaround for Windows PC user available.

Grayed-out Login Button:   Instead of using BattleTag login info. Blizzard recommends using email address and password to login.

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Error 75:   This is a temporary outage of service, which implies that servers are full again.

Character Creation Issues:  There may be a chance that that users have created their characters and did not log out. In such a case,  players can just log out and log back in and check the character list.

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