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Diana Nyad’s ‘Cuba to Florida Swim’ Creates History

Diana Nyad has become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without wearing a protective cage, reaching the Key West beach,  after taking her dip in Havana. This is her fifth attempt in 35 years.   After plunging head-on into the Havana, she took 53 hours to reach her destination, the Key West Beach.

The 64 year old lady told CNN, “It’s all authentic. It’s a great story. You have a dream 35 years ago — doesn’t come to fruition, but you move on with life. But it’s somewhere back there. Then you turn 60, and your mom just dies, and you’re looking for something. And the dream comes waking out of your imagination,” Nyad said.

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The inspirational star swimmer says that the swim was not easy at all.  She said, “With all the experience I have, it was not easy at all. The wind blew very fast and it was rough that first day (Saturday). I just sai to myself, ‘Forget about the surface up. Get your hands in somehow, and with your left hand, say Push Cuba back and push Florida towards you.”

Onlokers in boats and kayaks watched Nyad performing the thrilling feat as she traversed more than 100 miles Once she reached the beach, there was a doctor waiting who guided her to an ambulance. Her face looked sunburned but sparkled with a sense of achievement.  What is her message to people.

Nyad says, “ One, never, ever give up. Two is you are never too old to chase your dreams. Three, it looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team.”  Nyad has been into swimming since 1978 (she was just 29 then) and this was her fourth attempt after she turned 60s.  The first four attempts were tough, with the rough seas forcing her to quit, her asthma didn’t help either and neither did jellyfish strings.  She was better prepared this time, with a customized mask to prevent jellyfish stings.

Diana Nyad Photos

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Diana Nyad post-swim video

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