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Empire State Building Shooting, Gunman Photo

A frustrated employee angrily came to his former workplace and shot dead his ex-boss three times in the day, leading to a chaotic situation near the Empire State Building. This is the third instance of shooting in the last 45 days in the US.

The name of the guy who shot dead his boss  is Jeffrey Johnson. The 58 year old gunman has even thought of how he’d escape after killing his ex-boss.  However, a construction worker saw the firing, chasing him down the street and alerted the cops who shot the gunman dead.

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The tense situation was prevalent in the air for one hour and nine person were injured in the indiscriminate firing, four of them had gunshot wounds on their person.  In this panic-striken situation two people were killed, the gunman,  Jeffrey Johnson and his-exboss at the area around 34th street and Fifth Avenue which are busy streets in this season.

The boss who was killed is identified as 41 year old Steven Ercolino. He had come out of the office to talk to Jeffery, who shot him thrice in the head, and fled from the scene with his .45 caliber handgun concealed in a bag under his arm.  A construction worker saw the ghastly shootout and immediately alerted two police officers who were on patrol outside the Empire State Building.  The gunman pulled out his firearm to shoot them and the police shot him dead in retaliation.  In the ensuing gunfre, four people were shot with a total of nine injured.  AP reports that 14 rounds were fired from the police. The cops added that Johnson’s gun, a semi-automatic one had the capacity to fire eight rounds, and at least one round was left to be fired in the clip, when he was shot at.

In a press conference in proximity to the scene, Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg said some of the nine people were hit or grazed by the police gunfire. Mr. Kelly added that it was not likely that any of the victims would die.  The seven men and two women were quickly admitted to nearby hospitals where some are being operated upon.

Mayor Bloomberg and Kelly said that Johnson did not have any previous criminal record and it was too early to state if he had a valid license to carry a gun. Steven Ercolino was the vice-president of sales at Hazan Imports and worked with the company for nearly seven years, as his Linkedin Page states.

Witnesses said that chaotic scene happened when store workers were just about opening their shops and  customers and office-goers were filtering into the area. ‘The gunshots were like a movie scene, everybody running in every direction and you can hear the gunshots everywhere not knowing where to run,’ witness Suzy El Ayoubi added on Twitter.

Aliyah Imam told Fox 5 News that she was waiting near the traffic signal when a woman next to her fell to the ground after being hit in the hip. She claimed the gunman was ‘shooting indiscriminately at people’.

Mayor Bloomberg said that the construction worker was a hero but he did what was needed of him in the situation. : “He did what he should have done. When he saw something, he said something and then turned it over to the professionals.” Echoing the sentiments of the countrymen in the US who have been witnesses to three instances of shootouts in just 45 days,  the mayor said, It does take a person to pull the trigger, but if they didn’t have the gun… We are the only developed country in the world with this problem.”

 Empire State Building Shootout Pictures

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