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Facts about George Washington – Interesting and Fun!

George Washington was the first President of the United States of America. He was a deeply patriotic man with integrity and an immense sense of duty.

Basic facts about George Washington

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  • George Washington was born to Mary Ball Washington and Augustine Washington, in Virginia, on 22nd of February, 1732. He was Episcopalian and the first mason to become President.
  • In 1759,at the age of 26, he had a wife in the form of Martha Dandridge Custis, a widow with 2 children.
  • He was a 4-star general of the Continental Army, and the commander-in-chief of the American Revolutionary Forces in 1775.
  • George Washington took the Presidential oath and assumed office on April 30, 1789. His inaugural speech, consisting of about 2000 words, was given in front of members belonging to both houses of Congress.
  • He got all 69 electoral votes that were cast and thus became the only unanimously elected US President. He did not belong to any political party and was also not fond of the concept of political organizations.
  • To avoid conflicts with other nations, the Proclamation of Neutrality was announced by him in 1793. The Jay Treaty of 1975 ensured a decade of truce with Britain.
  • George Washington passed away in Mount Vernon, Virginia on 14th December, 1799, at the age of 67 years. He was posthumously conferred the title of ‘General of the Armies of Congress.’

Interesting facts about George Washington

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  • George Washington was one of the 2 US Presidents to have signed the nation’s Constitution. He was referred to by many glamorous names, but chose to be called Mr. President. He did not take the salary given to him as President.
  • He had red hair as a youngster and tied them in a line. He weighed about 200 pounds, was 6’2” tall, and wore size 13 shoes.He did not go to any college, but was home-schooled by his father and elder step-brother. He began school at the age of six and left at 15 because the college fees could not be afforded by his mother.
  • The most famous story of Washington is about the cherry tree. He had cut it down and later admitted of the wrongdoing when his father asked about it. He said that he could not tell a lie.
  • He was instrumental in planning the new capital city of Washington DC. He however did not live there, but instead commuted via a boat from Mount Vernon.
  • Mushroom string beans, peanut soup cream, and ice creams were Washington’s favorite foods, while fishing and fox-hunting were his preferred sports. It has been reported that Washington had once thrown a slate piece right across the Rappahanock River which was 250 feet wide!
  • George Washington’s last words were “Tis well.” Congress wanted to bury Washington’s body in a monument built in the capital city. An appropriations bill was also passed for it. Finally, he was laid to rest in Mount Vernon.
  • He had no children of his own and has no direct descendants. His stepson Jackie Custis became a victim of meningitis, while his stepdaughter Pasty Custis lost her battle to epilepsy.
  • Today, the image of Washington is an American National symbol. Mouth Rushmore has his carved bust; the US dollar note has his photo; he is the only American to have a state named after him; and he is the first US President to have appeared on a postal stamp.

Fun facts about George Washington

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  • The different life events of George Washington have a mysterious connection to Friday. He came into this world on a Friday; it was on a Friday that he got commissioned in the military as a lieutenant colonel; and he also got elected as the President of the Constitutional convention on a Friday.
  • He was a loud snorer. He may reportedly have had an IQ of 125, but he often got confused spelling words that had the letters ‘e’ and ‘i.’
  • His stable was home to 6 stunning white horses. Their teeth were brushed on a daily basis. He also had many hound dogs who were given weird names like True Love, Tarter, and Sweet Lips.
  • George Washington suffered from tooth problems all through his life. By the time he was the US President, he only had 1 tooth remaining, while the rest were pulled out. He used dentures on most occasions. It is believed that the reason for his lengthy inaugural speech was due to the impediment caused by his false teeth.
  • In one of the assaults during the battles of 1775-76, Washington had asked his soldiers to glide through the frozen expanse of the Boston Harbor and attack the enemy soldiers. However, the plan was discarded as it was not practical.
  • During a battle at Monongahela, his family presumed that he had died. They also thought that he had given a speech before dying. When Washington came to know of this development, he wrote to his family stating that he was still alive and that a dying speech was yet to be written by him.
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