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Famous People With Autism

The do or die spirit knows no bounds. There is no full stop when great men decide to do great stuff. History stands testimony to the fact that people who have actually made history have known no bounds. No disability, however great or minor and no hurdle, however big or small has been able to deter them. As an illustration to the statement, here are some great men who have risen to great heights, who have made histories, who were like us in every respect, only they were less gifted, they were autistic:

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  • Albert Einstein: It is strange how everyone knows Albert Einstein, but quite a few of them know that he wasn’t only different from us because of the work that he did, but there was something else that made him different: his autism. It is a well known fact that Albert Einstein had a hard time at his school; he couldn’t cope up with his fellow classmates. This is a clear indication of his autistic symptoms right from childhood. Other facts that indicate this were his inability to fetch a job and his aversion for food. Although, he married and had 3 children, he couldn’t stand his children to touch him. Nevertheless, in spite of all the above, we know Einstein for the work he did and not for his disorder. That is what great men with great stories are like.
  • Michelangelo: With frequent mood swings and a highly flaming behaviour, and other similar signs and symptoms that he displayed, it couldn’t have been clearer that Michelangelo suffered with autism. He had problems in communication when he was a kid, had quite a limited lifestyle, quite an atypical lifestyle and a highly reserved behaviour. This reserved behaviour might have contributed a little to his great work, but the truth remains that he did work that was par excellence and truly extraordinary.
  • Sir Isaac Newton: A highly focussed attitude and the deepest commitment to his work, typical of autistic people were signs that showed up near early in his life. At childhood he is believed to be only work and no play. He knew nothing of the world and socialising when he set upon his work. Bound completely by a predefined routine, he went to create history in the later years. With formulas difficult for any individual mind to comprehend without help, this man did more than any of us can possibly imagine today.
  • Lewis Carrol: Even though each of us has grown up reading Alice in Wonderland, quite a very few of know that he was an autistic. It is hard to imagine that a poet and author of a calibre such as his could have had autism. But his early age and habits that persisted much into the old stage bear clear evidences of his disorder.
  • Charles Darwin: Moving away from direct communication, Darwin found another world in letters. His though were more visual than vocal and he showed immense interest in little mechanical objects and was highly fascinated by their working. Even though it is predicted of Darwin that he had autism, his theories and revelations are still considered to be scientific milestones.
  • Amadeus Mozart: Keen hearing, physical weakness and sickness, extensive movement of hands, mood swings and a highly active behaviour are clear indications of the fact that Mozart was suffering from Autism in spite of the fact that his great compositions reflect otherwise.

The above stories only show that autism might be a disorder but it isn’t an impairment of any sort. 


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