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First Presidential Debate 2012 – Advantage Romney

The first Presidential Debate 2012 between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney had opinion polls rallying behind the Massachusetts governor.  The 90 minute debate touched key issues like healthcare, job creation, deficit and taxes.  The opinion polls indicated that Romney was leading by a 46 to 68 percent margin while Obama stood at 23 to 26 percent.

Mitt Romney gave the people a slice of humor when he joked that Obama was having someone as romantic as him to celebrate his marriage anniversary with. At the start of the debate, the president seemed to be more defensive and predictable.  He was seen  to be  cautious and was observed to be leading the moderator Jim Lehrer,  belonging to the PBS television network, to complete his points. Romney seemed confident personified and seem to be in control of the issues that he was debating upon.   Of course, Obama did cover  lost ground by the middle of the debate but Romney was composed and confident throughout the debate.  If at all, there is not much to take home from the first presidential debate, it is surely going to make Mitt Romney a more likable person who seems to be rallying for the middle class.

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Key Point of the First Presidential Debate

Obama described Romney’s economic plans as all talk and drew his policies on par with the Bush-era policies.  He started the debate saying,  “The question here tonight is not about where weave been but where we are going.” Romney curbed his enthusiasms by talking about the state of the US economy. ‘The people who are having the hard time right now are middle-income Americans. Under the president’s policies, middle-income Americans have been buried,’ he said.

“They’re just being crushed. Middle-income Americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. This is a tax in and of itself. I’ll call it the economy tax. It’s been crushing.At the same time, gasoline prices have doubled under the president. Electric rates are up. Food prices are up. Health care costs have gone up by $2,500 a family. Middle-income families are being crushed.” Romney added,  “The President said that he’d cut the deficit in half. Unfortunately, he doubled it.”

Obama seemed to be looking down at the notes and appearing a trifle indecisive while Romney continued to be in control.  Romney also came out with untactful quotes which we are going to list below.  Obama quoted, “Four Years Ago, I Said That I Am Not A Perfect Man And I Wouldn’t Be A Perfect President And That Is Probably A Promise That Governor Romney Thinks I Have Kept –

On the topic of the all important health-care, Romney said that  he was against the President’s Obama Healthcare reform law of 2012 and that it raised the costs of health and was a obstacle against employment. He promised to remove the Obama Healthcare reform law if elected as president.  On the contrary, he was all praise for his own version of healthcare system that he introduced as Governor of Massachusetts.

Mr. Obama accused Romney of his $5 trillion tax cut which would mostly go to the rich, but Romney denied this and said that his plans was designed to offer tax relief for the middle class. Mr. Obama said that he was all for cuts in business allowances like tax breaks for corporate airplanes. He said, “If you have got a corporate jet, you probably afford to pay full freight for it.”

Mr Obama also called for cuts in business allowances such as tax breaks for corporate airplanes, saying: ‘My attitude is that if you’ve got a corporate jet you can probably afford to pay full freight for it.’

While Obama accused Romney’s plans of being ‘top down economics’ that suited only the wealthy, Romney said that Obama’s agenda was purely ‘trickle down government.’ He compared US economy to the struggling European one. Romney said, : ‘Spain spends 42 per cent of their total economy on government. We’re now spending 42 per cent of our economy on government. I don’t want to go down the path to Spain.”

For healthcare, both the President and Romney said that they would not cut benefits for senior citizens but were different as chalk and cheese about their promises for younger citizens.  Romney said that Obama was spending two years fighting for Obamacare instead of creating jobs and said that business owners had told him that they were not offering insurance to their employees because of this health care law. The first presidential debate was watched by more than 60 million people.

Obama quotes on the First Presidential Debate

‘Happy anniversary, sweetie!”

‘Four years ago, I said that I’m not a perfect man and I wouldn’t be a perfect president. And that’s probably a promise that Governor Romney thinks I’ve kept.’

On Romney’s tax reforms: ‘For 18 months he’s been running on this tax plan. And now five weeks before the election, he is saying that his big, bold idea is – never mind.’

On Romney’s vague healthcare plans: ‘At some point the American people have to ask themselves: Is the reason Governor Romney is keeping all these plans secret, is it because they’re going to be too good? Because middle class families benefit too much? No.’

On small businesses: ‘Under Governor Romney’s definition, there are a whole bunch of millionaires and billionaires who are small business. Donald Trump is small business. And I know Donald trump doesn’t like to think of himself as small anything.’

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Mitt Romney quotes on the First Presidential Debate

Congratulations Mr. President on your  anniverary. I am sure this is the most romantic place you could imagine here; here with me

‘This is bigger than an election about the two of us as individuals. It’s bigger than our respective parties. It’s an election about the course of America.’

On Obama’s claims he’ll cut $5trillion in taxes: ‘Look, I’ve got five boys, and I’m used to someone saying something that’s not true and keep repeating it.’

On the middle class: ‘Middle-income Americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. This is a tax in and of itself. I’ll call it the economy tax. It’s been crushing.’

On Obama’s description of his education plans: ‘Mr President, you’re entitled to your own airplane and your own house, but not your own facts.’

First Presidential Debate 2012 Pictures

First Presidential Debate video 2012

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