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Free iPhone apps list

Some of the free iPhone apps are as follows:

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  • HeyWay: The app uses GPS for locating a user’s current location to send or share it with colleagues and friends via Push notifications. The app need not be running all the time.
  • New York Times: The NYTimes iPhone app enables users to access the great quality journalism of the newspaper on the iPhone from any place. It has been specially designed to employ the navigation and features of the iPhone and allows the download and synching of the latest news directly to the iPhone.
  • Bloomberg: Even though the app has a lag time of 20 minutes, it is a good app for keeping abreast of the share prices. It provides a short as well as long term graph which can stretch on the iPhone’s landscape mode. Additionally, it includes associated news of each share, oil prices, commodities and indices.
  • iWoopie Lit video downloader: It is a great app that searches the global video portals such as DailyMotion, YouTube, etc., and allows users to download and watch such videos on the iPhone.
  • EasyWriter: It comes quite handy when writing emails. When the iPhone is in the landscape mode, the app allows for a different typing interface. It enables users to adjust the text size by using the ‘pinch and zoom’ feature and also keeps track of such text when a text message or an incoming call comes in.
  • Currency: As the name suggests, the app is a currency converter which provides for rapid and easy checking of currency exchange rates.
  • The Facebook app: It allows users to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues with a 3G connection
  • Free Photo Filters: This app comes with a number of filters such as Poloarizing Filter, Lomography Filter, Retro Effect Filter Black and White Filter, etc.
  • Wall Street Journal: This app allows for streaming of latest news from the online version of the WSJ. However, the accompanying mobile ads can be a bit annoying.
  • Zynga Live Poker: It allows users to play poker live with other users of the iPhone. People can use the app to connect and then make use of their Facebook account to play the game. It is a great pastime during long cab rides, flight delays, etc.
  • Palringo: It is a chat/messaging client app that works with MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and others.
  • Puri! Lite: The app is a portable photo sticker booth that allows users to show off and share wonderful pictures with the Facebook friends with just a single click.
  • Skype: This app allows users to use the web based calling service on the iPhone. People can use the Skype app to make free landline calls, Skype-to-Skype calls, free instant messaging, and much more.
  • Holy Bible: This app allows access of multiple translations of the Holy Bible in different languages. Users can access it online or locally store it. It comes with many features including highlight and bookmarking options.
  • SugarSync: It is related to the SugarSync desktop app which lets users to sync the PC and Mac files to the iPhone and then access it from anyplace. However, one has to first install the SugarSync desktop app to be able to use the app.
  • Excuse Generator: It is a fun app that lets users to generate a perfect excuse for skipping work, school or any other undesired activity.
  • FedEx Mobile for iPhone: This app provides the latest tracking information about the shipments. Users only need to enter the FedEx tracking number to be able to quickly access the status of the shipment. It is also possible to personalize the view by naming shipments, putting notes or making a watch list for keep track of vital shipments.
  • Discover: It is a mobile file manager app that lets users to store, mange, transfer and view files in other iPhones or computers using the same Wi-Fi connection. Additionally the app allows access to public or local servers on the Internet, within or outside the Wi-Fi network.
  • Free Translator: This app acts an interface for the free Google Translate API for several languages such as Chinese, Danish, Czech, Dutch, French, German, English, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, etc.
  • TripIt: It is a travel app which is quite useful. This travel organizer allows users to send an email about travel confirmations to the TripIt website, which then results in an automatic generation of a master itinerary for the trip. Such an itinerary will have information about flights, car rental data, hotel bookings, driving directions,  maps as well as local weather information. However, one needs to sign up for membership at the TripIt website to use the app.
  • Dinner Spinner app from This iPhone specific app from allows quick access to thousands of easy and quick recipes. It has great looking pictures and reviews from food critics. One can search for various recipes as per the occasion, cooking time or ingredients.
  • Backgrounds: The app allows access to thousands of background wallpapers which are updated on a daily basis. One can choose a background wallpaper from over thirty different categories.
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