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Google Fiber – Speed Test, Cost, Benefits

Google Fiber, the ISP from the search engine giant has the speed is 1 GB, 100 times faster than the current speeds of various Internet Service Providers.  The cost of the 1 GB service from Google is $70 per month. If you shell out $120 per month, consumers can get Google TV service in addition to Google Fiber ISP.  The company also provides 7 years of free Internet Service at the present 5MBps speed after one pays $300 installation fee.

Google Fiber was launched in Kansas City, last fall and the service is now coming in Austin, Texas. Though the prices are predicted to be higher in future, for now; the company has kept the rates on par with what is available in Kansas City.

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“The gigabit is the future,” Kevin Lo, Google Fiber general manager, said while announcing the service in Austin. “At Google, we have always invested in the future of the Internet. When more people are connected, it makes our communities stronger.”

Google Fiber Speed Test

Netflix which launched its ISP Speed Index website to measure ISP speeds of various companies have found that Google Fiber gives you the best speed with an average of 3. 45 Mbps using the streaming service of the company.  NetFlix said that the other four companies that followed Google Fiber were Cablevision, Cox, Suddenlink and Verizon FIOS with average speeds ranging from 2. 39 Mbps to 2. 15 Mbps. The average speed for all US Internet Service Providers was 2.35 MBps with Clearwire being at the bottom of the list with just 1.24 Mbps. Netflix offers ISP speed test services in other countries where it offers streaming services viz; U.K.;  Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Mexico. Even in ISP-Country tallying, it emerged that Google Fiber is the fastest ISP in the world, followed by Sweden’s Ownit coming at second position with 2. 95 Mbps. This speed test is in accordance with Google  Fiber being only in Kansas. Google now plans to expand it services with better offers at Austin.

Benefits of Google Fiber

Here is why you  need to install Google Fiber in your city

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  1. No more buffering –  The most irritating part of watching a Youtube video or elsewhere on the net is the buffering issue.  With the super-fast speed on the offer, you can might as well remove the word ‘buffering’ from your dictionary. Google officials claim that you can watch 5 high-definition videos without a hitch.  Imagine the luxury of downloading a full-length high definition movie in a few seconds !
  2. The Price Advantage – Let’s say you don’t want to switch to 1 GB speed offered by Google Fiber.  But then Google is offering at least 7 years of free Internet service at present national average broadband speeds of 5 Mbps, with just one-time $300 installation fee. If you are paying $70 per month for your current broadband service, that is $840 per year, and $5,880 for 7 years.  With Google Fiber service, you are saving $5,580.
  3. Health-care uses: When Google Fiber’s Kansas City network was launched, the company said it would collaborate with the University of Kansas Medical Center to create gigabit medical applications. Imagine your doctor checking your condition remotely with high-speed Internet connection.  This can be boon to children, home-bound and elderly patients who have limited mobility.
  4. Education at low costs – A study by Federal Communications Commission shows that shows that students who have broadband connection Students with broadband at home have a 7% higher graduation rate.  Google Fiber Service with its almost free broadband service can make it affordable for low-income families to install broadband service in their homes. Meanwhile, simulcasting lectures and teaching materials or project work can be a breeze with the high speed connection from Google Fiber.
  5. Better competition – Most ISPs were taking it easy and not offering much as there was no tough competition. Google Fiber seems to have awakened them from their sleep.  To cite an example, after Google launched its ISP in Austin, AT&T showed its interest in building  a 1GB network in the city as well. In the end, it is good news for the consumer, because they will get to benefit from an interesting array of services.

Google is the world leader in search,  mobile operating system (Android), mail services and cloud computing. Soon, it is going to be the world’s most desired ISP. What is Microsoft and Apple doing ?

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