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Here’s why Ashlee Simpson went for Plastic Surgery

The younger sister of American singer and actress Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson is also a pop singer, reality TV actress, dancer, and songwriter.

Ashlee underwent a rhinoplasty or a nose job in 2006. It brought about a radical change in her facial appearance. After initially denying it, Ashlee finally accepted that she had a nose job to correct and remove the abnormal bump on her nasal bridge. It was very evident in her before and after photos and she had no choice but to accept the truth.

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Ashlee’s father Joe was the first person to jump to her defense. He stated that she underwent the surgical procedure to further her career as an actress and singer, as correcting her nasal defect would only improve the glamor quotient.

Ashlee herself maintains that undergoing any kind of plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures is the right and choice of an individual. She however states that surgery is a permanent procedure and comes with a certain amount of risk. Hence, people who want to do it must go for it only after thinking and careful consultation with experts.

The nose job helped eliminate the convex nature of the nose. It is now comparatively straighter, nicer, and slimmer. Many fans however feel that the old nose was better and was her trademark.

Some people in the media have also suggested that Ashlee has also undergone liposuction and a chin reduction surgery as well.

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Ashlee Simpson Nose Job – Before, After Pictures

ashlee simpson nose job

Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery before after


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