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Herpangina Pictures


Herpangina is a viral disease that affects the ulcer and lesions inside the mouth, and causes fever and sore throat.

Symptoms of Herpangina

The symptoms include fever, headache, sore-throat, difficulty in swallowing,  loss of appetite and ulcer  in the mouth, throat and even sores on the feet and hands.

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Herpangina causes

Coxsackie group A viruses are a category that is blamed for spreading Herpangina.  Children are mainly seen to be the victims especially in a contagious environment of school or if someone has illness.  As an illness that affects children, it is more common among kids between 3 and 10 years of age, though it can affect anyone.

 Herpangina tests

There is no specific test as such but the doctor can find out if you have Herpangina by a routine physical test, asking questions and going through the medical history of the person.

Herpangina treatment

  • Ibuprofen and acetaminophen taken orally to treat fever, as prescribed by the doctor can work in controlling the symptoms.
  •  You need to increase fluid products, especially cool ones, like cold milk and ice-creams. Do not have hot beverages and gargle with cool water as much as possible
  •  Do not have spicy foods, hot beverages, fried food and citrus fruits including citrus juices because they can irritate the skin and lesions in the mouth and cause more problems.
  • It is seen that with proper treatment, Herpangina can clear off in a week’s time.

Herpangina pictures

Check out the photos and images to see how the tongue is affected

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