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How to choose a shirt that fits ?

First impressions are generally influenced by how one presents and dresses him or herself.  This is the reason why it is important to know how to choose a shirt that fits. A properly-fitted shirt speaks so much about a person’s character and the message he is trying to convey. A good shirt fits comfortably and shapes the person’s face and physique elegantly; it doesn’t bulge on the back and sides under the suit or exposes the skin on the chest.

Choosing a shirt that fits can be challenging because most of the shirts available these days are standard sizes.  Those who resort to custom-made shirts are only a handful because of their hefty prices. In many cases, people buy ill-fitting shirts that they only wear occasionally as these do not look good on them. Some people have these poorly fitted shirts adjusted by a tailor to get the right fit. These hassles, however, can be prevented if one knows how to choose a shirt that fits perfectly.

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Different Shirt Fittings

Shirts sold in local department stores and boutiques come in different fittings. Knowing what these are is important in finding the right top.

  • Regular fit

This is referred to as standard fit which has generous fabric on the chest, hips and waist for comfort. It sometimes has extra tails or fabric at the back to ensure that they will stay in when tucked in. A shirt with no fit indicated is assumed to be a regular fit.

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  • Slim fit

Slim fit is also called athletic or tailored fit and is the narrowest fitting for a shirt. it features a tapered or narrowed waist, giving a custom-made feeling.

  • Loose fit

This is sometimes referred as full fit and the loosest fitting for a shirt. Loose fit shirt is a bit bigger and longer than the regular fit, which is perfect for people with larger builts.

Things to consider in choosing a properly-fitted shirt

A shirt that fits is comfortable and feels right to wear. However, it can be difficult to determine the right fit by simply trying on a few pieces of shirt at different sizes. Here are some features that will help one choose the shirt that perfectly fits.

  • Collar

The collar must have spare space for two fingers to inserted and moved when buttoned.

  • Sleeves

A good shirt has the right sleeve length that covers the wrist down to the beginning of the thumb when standing. It should be long enough to facilitate different arm movements without pulling the cuffs to the forearm.

  • Cuffs

A shirt that fits should have tight cuffs such that they won’t slip down to the wrists. Also, the cuffs must be unfastened first in order to get the wrist into the sleeves.

  • Shoulder

A perfectly-fitted shirt will have seams meeting at the shoulder points and do not extend farther.

  • Overall length

A shirt that fits will simply hang at the level of the back pocket or above the pants zipper when un-tucked and does not come out when the arms are raised upwards.

Knowing how to choose a shirt that fits perfectly will allow one to look elegant and impressive, sending a powerful message about the person’s character and reputation.

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