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How to Choose Sunglasses that Suit your Face ?

A good pair of sunglasses will help you look hip and cool under the scorching heat of the sun. It also helps protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. The right pair of sunglasses will enhance your appearance by creating a balance between your natural face shape and sunglass style, making you look even better. This is the reason why you need to know how to choose sunglasses that suit your face.

Hunting for the right sunglasses that will perfectly suit the shape of your face can be stressful. Shoppers are bombarded with lots of stylish sunglasses from different brands. However, shopping for the most flattering eye wear can be fun and produce good results if you take into account your face shape and frame style.

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Know the shape of your face

In learning how to choose sunglasses that suit your face, you should be able to first determine the shape of your face.  This can be done by facing the mirror and pulling your hair back. Carefully observe the overall outline of your face, especially the angle that forms adjacent to the chin. Try to trace the outline of your face on the mirror itself and asses this using the different face shapes outlined below.

  • Round face

Your face shape is round if there is no angle on the jaw line but is soft and rounded instead. Round-faced people tend to have full cheeks as well.

  • Oval face

An oval-shaped face flaunts symmetrical facial features and is considered as the most versatile face shape.

  • Heart face

You have a heart-shaped face if your forehead is wide but your jaw line is narrow. This is also referred to as triangular face shape.

  • Diamond face

A diamond-shaped face has high or wide cheekbones but narrow chin and forehead.

  • Square face

A squared faces individual has a defined jaw line, wide cheekbones and broad forehead.

  • Oblong face

Your face shape is oblong if your face is longer rather than wider.

Choose the frame that complements your face shape

Once you know the shape of your face, you can now choose the frame of the sunglasses that complements your face shape. Choose the sunglasses whose frame is opposite the shape of your face. The goal here is to balance the natural shape of your face with the sunglass frame instead of emphasizing your face shape.

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If you have a rounded face shape or oblong face shape, opt for frames in square or rectangle styles to make your face look thinner and longer.

On the contrary, choose oval or rounded frames if you have a square face. Oval or rounded frames will soften the clearly defined angles of your face.

A heart-shaped face will look good with cat eyes-styled frames either in rimless or semi-rimless bottom. These also work for diamond shape faces. On the other hand, any kind of frame will work on an oval-shaped face.

The most flattering eyewear does not come from any particular brand; rather it is the one that complements your particular face shape. Your must therefore know how to choose sunglasses that suit your face if you want your sunglasses to enhance your look.

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