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How to Choose the Right Hair Color ?

Knowing how to choose the right hair color is essential in achieving the look that you want.  A good hair color enhances one’s appeal and can help you look your best. The entire process of coloring the hair takes around an hour to complete and can be done at home or by a professional. It can also be temporary or permanent. Hair coloring can aid in attaining a younger and healthier appearance or it may add years if the color is not chosen wisely.

Choosing the right hair color is not a simple task, especially since there are plenty of shades to choose from. Besides, some hair coloring agents only stain the hair while others produce a hue entirely different from what had been advertised. These are but a few of the challenges of altering the color of your hair. However, these can be avoided if several important factors for choosing the right hair color are considered.

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Factors to consider when choosing hair color

The perfect and flattering hair color is the result of a careful consideration of some vital factors, and these are:

  • Skin tone

The first crucial factor to take into account on how to choose the right hair color is the skin tone. People can have deep, warm or cool skin tones. Individuals with warm skin tone should go for warm hair colors, while those with cool skin tone must opt for cool hues.

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  • Eye color

The right hair color will reveal everything the eyes have to offer. It accentuates the eyes much better than makeup. Warm-toned hair colors like auburn, gold and red have yellow base which works best on people with hazel, brown or green eyes. Meanwhile, cool-toned hair colors have blue base that looks good on people with grey or blue eyes.

  • Natural hair color

Identifying the hair’s natural color is very important in choosing the right shade of hair coloring. The natural hair color is scaled from 1 (black) to 10 (lightest blond) and could have warm, cool or neutral undertones. The right hair color has the right level of brightness or darkness that complements the person’s skin tone. The rule here is going 2 shades darker or lighter than the natural color of the hair. The result will be drastic and even disappointing if you choose to go beyond that.

Some other factors also exist that require careful consideration, these include:

  • Commitment

How long do you like to sport that hair color? Hair color can be temporary, semi-temporary or permanent.

  • Application method

Hair can be colored at home with the use of over-the-counter hair dyes, or it can also be done by a professional colorist. It is best, especially for first-timers, to have their hair colored professionally for better and impressive results.

  • Maintenance

Some hair colors require regular touch-ups, like blonde hues; whereas dark or brown colors only need little maintenance.

Hair coloring is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to enhance one’s look.  It accentuates the person’s features, giving a younger and healthier glow. Do-it-yourself hair coloring may not be bad at all as long as you know how to choose the right hair color and how to apply it.  Still, it is best to seek professional help for better results.

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