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Hurricane Sandy hits Statue of Liberty – Pictures (Fake or Real ?)

Did Hurricane Sandy hit Statue of Liberty in New York City? A photo of went viral on Monday but later it became evident that it was a fake picture.

Sponsored link revealed that the photo of Sandy hitting Statue of Liberty was a fake one and had actually emerged first in September 2010. The picture was just a mashed up version with ‘storm hued skies over Nebraska’

The photo was first shared by Facebook user Jason Otts in Murphy, TX and was shared a whopping 582,378 times. Otts wrote, “This is an amazing shot of New York today with the Frankenstorm bearing down. Nature is so powerful, yet so beautiful,”

Hurricane Sandy also known as Frankenstorm has caused massive flooding, cutting off electricity in million homes and razed down trees, buildings and constructions.  Following the picture of hurricane Sandy hitting New York’s Statue of Liberty which Jason posted, there were a few more pictures that cropped up, but all of them were fake.

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Hurricane Sandy hits Statue of Liberty photos

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