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iPad Mini – Price, Specs, Pictures, Features, Battery Life

The release date of Apple iPad Mini is November 2, 2012 while the launch will be on October 23 . We cover information like features, specs, battery life, price and difference between iPad Mini and iPad 3.

The launch is clearly designed to keep the media busy, so that it doesn’t spend much time on the launch of rival Microsoft’s Surface Tablet which goes on sale, three days later.

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Nothing is concrete or clear about the exact specs yet, but looks like this device will have an 8 inch screen. Good enough to be called a mini iPad. It features a great space saving lightening dock connector similar to what we see in the iPhone 5.  Another feature of the iPad mini which it will share with the iPhone 5 is the iOS6 operating system and the Apple maps (arrggh !)

The specifications on the leaked label suggest 3.72 volts offering 16.7 watt-hours of energy on 4490 mAh of charge, according to information given by MacRumors. The iPhone 5 provides 5.45 watt-hours and the iPad 3 has 42.5 watt-hours.

The newest feature which many might find interesting is that mini iPad has a rear facing camera too. Many speculate that the iPad mini will be a great device with rich features almost equivalent to iPad, with additional perks, but lower costs. Costs could be lower as speculated because of cutting down on certain features and dropping support for 3G. Nothing has been confirmed yet. Until then, Apple lovers will have wait and watch for the first look of the device. The only thing that is confirmed is Apple has started launching cheaper variants of the iPad in order to engage a wider mass and expand its customer base.

The iPad Mini will also be called iPad Nano and the iPad Air, it will not have a 3G or 4G connectivity but it wil have a new faster 4G network.  Though one may not have the benefit of high quality retina display, it will definitely be equipped to play almost all apps and games.  Also, the mini will measure 7 inches diagonally compared to the 9.7 inches for iPad 3.

iPad Mini9 will have 1024×768 resolution with dpi of 163dpi compared to iPad with its 264 dpi. The tablet wil have a dual camera giving access to users to benefit from its video chat service FaceTime.

ipad Mini Battery Life

If the 4490mAh Li-ion Polymer battery seems any indication, the Apple’s iPad mini should give around 10 hours of battery life when you take the reduced screen size into consideration and 32nm System-on-Chip. Some people might find this a missed opportunity for Apple to launch a smaller tablet with a much longer battery life.

Heavy Demand for iPad Mini

The demand for iPad Mini is going to be very strong and should probably do very well in Asian markets like India and Philippines, apart from the US.  In fact, there has been a preorder of 10 million units for the months of November, December and January 2013

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Apple controls 61% of the tablet market, but  with its launch of possibly fast-selling iPad mini version, it would like to get more market share and beat the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the Google Nexus 7 and the new Nook from Barnes & Noble to their game.

iPad Mini Price

An inventory list screenshot says there will be 8 model variants featuring 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB minis with Wifi, and an alternate model in each size with an exrtra integrated radio for an extra $120 (£75).

The base model of iPad Mini will cost  $320, or £200 (no radio).

The most expensive model – 64GB with radio – is priced at $840 – approximately £525.

iPad Mini Pictures

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