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iPhone 5 free apps – Must Have List

Some of the iPhone 5 free apps are listed below:

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  • Find My iPhone: It is an app provided by Apple which tracks the location of the iPhone. Thus when the iPhone is lost or stolen, a user can log into and quickly find the device. It is the first app that all users should download.
  • Twitter: The twitter app is a great way to always stay connected with friends and like-minded individuals and also one of the best ways to pass ones time and alleviate boredom.
  • Facebook: This app is a great way to wirelessly connect to your Facebook account from any place and share information, photos, etc. with your friends.
  • Yelp: It allows users to locate restaurants and other establishments in the vicinity along with the complete ratings. This app has now been integrated in the new Apple Maps App. However, it’s best to use the Yelp app to get better accuracy. Also, the many problems of the Apple Maps App only depreciates the kind of information that is provided
  • Flashlight: This app causes the flash on the rear camera to turn on and produce very bright light. It is a great app which can be used to search for lost items in a dark room such as a club.
  • MapQuest: It is a mapping app that is so much better than the terrible Apple Maps App.
  • Shazam: There are many occasions when we hear a particular song but are unable connect it to the right singer or band. This app allows for the identification of songs and even television shows by holding up the iPhone near the speakers for some seconds.
  • Seamless: This app allows for convenient ordering of delivery and takeouts in many large cities. It makes ordering food so easy that at the end of the month, one may be left wondering  about the reasons for the several empty Styrofoam boxes in the kitchen as well as about the large amounts of money spent on takeout food.
  • Pocket: This app allows the saving of WebPages on the Internet by users and then read them later, even when offline.
  • Venmo: A bill can be split in the easy manner when one pays the friends via this iPhone 5 app. However, the friends also need to download the app for it to work.
  • RunKeeper: The app allows users to track one’s runs and also serves as a daily reminder that all need to engage in daily exercise
  • Photoshop Express: It may be noted that iPhone camera is good but quite basic. It does not provide any post photo or on screen editing tools. This app provides a free suite to the users to correct the pictures on the iPhone.
  • Remember The Milk: It is a reminder app that is a lot better than the inbuilt reminder app that comes with the Apple iOS 6. The app helps a user to remember many things, one of them being buying the milk.
  • Foodspotting: This app is kind of a social network for true foodies. It allows users to search and see the various dishes that are available in the many restaurants in the vicinity or neighborhood. With this app, one will never get caught getting served with only tiny portions of their favorite dishes.
  • GroupMe: It is a group messaging app which circumvents the need to send texts and thus helps in the drastic reduction of the text messaging plan as well as in avoiding overages. This is also an app that users will need to force their friends to download.
  • Onavo Extend: This app is quite useful for users who do not have unlimited data plans and thus need to monitor the megabyte for each month so as to avoid the overage charges. The app keeps a watch on the data usage every month. Additionally, it can automatically change some settings on the iPhone which can lower the quantity of data that is consumed by certain applications.
  • Pulse: It is a beautiful look app that compiles all of the best writings and features of the day and provides them in a centralized location. The navigation is clean and the app is definitive an incentive to check out the latest news or lookup lovable puppy photos.
  • Waze: It is a GPS app that allows users and fellow drivers to report stalls, crashes and speed traps that may lie ahead. The app has quite a large and growing driver user base that reports traffic. Hence, it is quite a useful app, particularly for those living in cities.
  • Balance: The app is a replacement for the paper oriented checkbook register. It allows users to enter transactions on the iPhone and thus maintain the account balances. It comes with a password protection option as well as the capability to export the transactions to the computer.
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