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iPhone 5 Pictures, Price, Specs

Here are the iPhone 5 pics,that will help you understand how the world’s thinnest smartphone really looks.  The device is a taller looking one with 4G enabled features.  Compared to the iPhone 4S feature,  the iPhone 5 is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter.  The screen is 4 inches or 10.2 centimeters, still smaller than the big smartphones from Samsung like the Note, Galaxy S3, S2 and other smartphones of Nokia, HTC and Motorola.

Apple will ship the handset on September 21.  The phone comes equipped with a better camera and has improved voice activation from Siri and has its own mapping system which makes use of turn-by-turn navigation.   The screen aspect ratio is 16:9 which is as good as some of the best smartscreen TVs around. There is a new apple designed chip  in the iphone 5 which is called A6 which is sure to make the device twice as powerful as the iPhone 4S.

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The camera of the phone is an 8 megapixel one, not much of a difference as the iPhone 4S.  The specifications are actually lower than the latest ones on Sony and LG smartphones.  But the iPhone 5 has relevant software that can take high quality photographs in low light.

One should also remember that iPhone 5 does not offer wireless charging; one has to use an adapter to plug the phone into speakers and such other equipment.  There is no NFC or Near Field Communication technology also, which means you cannot make touchless payments.

iPhone 5 comes in the price range  from $199 to $399 (£123 to £248) in the US with a two-year contract according to data storage capacity in the form of 16 gigabytes, 32GB or 64GB. Incidentally, Apple will still ship iPhone 4S but will be phasing out iPhone 3GS.

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It has been seen that the South Korean firm Samsung has been growing in the Western Europe at a phenomenal rate of 43.6 percent in the months between April and June, where Apple has just grown by 19 percent. However, to be fair to Apple, it had launched anything new compared to Samsung whose Galaxy S3 took the world by storm and now Samsung Galaxy Note 2 also has kept the company in good stead. But with the release of iPhone 5, one will be able to really chalk out the real market leader of smartphones.

iPhone 5 Pictures

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