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iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4 – Specs, Comparison

Among many differences between the iPhone 5 and iphone 4s, one of the most visible ones is the new, sleek design. The iPhone 5 is 20 percent lighter, 18 percent thnner and 12 percent smaller, volume-wise, compared to the iPhone 4s. At just 0.3 inch thickness and  3.95 ounches, the iPhone 4 is one of the lighest, thinnest smartphone in the world.

The sound on iphone 5 just got better with amazing, little earbuds with a mic and built-in remote. They reduce sound loss and m optimize sound output with well placed vents. These ‘EarPods’, as Apple puts it, give unparalleled sound quality and the hardware on the phone is also well suited for the sound; there are three microphones -one on the front, one on the back, and one on the bottom. Additionally, theer is the new noise cancelling technology that can cut down background sound to a great extent.

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iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4 Specs Comparison

Iphone 5 price – $199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB

iPhone 4S price – $199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB


Iphone 5 –  Apple A6

iPhone 4 – Dual Core Apple A5


Iphone 5 has a display of 4-inch IPS 1,136 x 640 while iphone 4S has display of 3.5-inch IPS 960 x 640

Secondary Camera The secondary camera of iPhone 5 is 1.2 megapixel at 30fps while iphone 4S camera has VGA at 30fps

Cellular Network 

The cellular network for iPhone 5 is as follows

GSM Model A1428: GSM / LTE

CDMA Model A1429: CDMA / LTE

GSM Model A1429: GSM / LTE

The iphone 4s runs on

Hybrid GSM / CDMA “World Phone”



The WIFI parameters for iPhone 5 is Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n while the one for iPhone 4s is 802.11 b/g/n.


The FaceTime for iPhone 5 is WiFi and Cellular while for the former one, it is WiFi-only (iOS 5)


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While iPhone 5 has 1 GB RAM, iPhone 4S has 512 MB

Battery life of iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s

Here is the information on battery life on iPhone 5 –

Up to 8 hours talk time on 3G

Up to 8 hours data on 3G

Up to 8 hours data on LTE

Up to 10 hours data on WiFi

Up to 40 hours audio

Up to 10 hours video

Up to 225 hours on standby


Here is the information on battery life on iPhone 4s-

Up to 8 hours talk time on


Up to 14 hours talk time on 2G

Up to 6 hours data on 3G

Up to 9 hours data on WiFi

Up to 40 hours audio

Up to 10 hours video

Up to 200 hours on standby

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S – Size

iPhone 5 is quite light at 112 grams / 3.9 oz while iPhone 4S is 140 grams / 4.9 oz. The dimensions for iphone 5 are 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm while the dimensions for Iphone 4s are 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm


iPhone 5 are available in colors -Black and Slate / White and Silver while iPhone 4s came in Black or White.

Features that remain the same on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s

Pixel Density = is the same at 326 ppi

The storage capacity remains the same -16GB / 32GB / 64GB   16GB / 32GB / 64GB

The primary camera is the same for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S – 8 megapixel AF with flash and f/2.4 aperture

The Bluetooth version is the same 4.0

The navigation is the same -A-GPS, GLONASS. Accelerometer, digital compass, gyroscope are both available on the models.

The video recording on both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S is the same at 1080p at 30fps

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    Info on the memory (last paragraph) is incorrect: the 4s comes with 512MB of memory, iPhone 5 with 1GB

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