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Is Samsung Galaxy S4 better than Galaxy S3 ?

Samsung unveiled its next flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 on March 14 at an Unpacked Event in New York’s Radio City Music Hall. The device comes with huge Full HD screen, faster processor, stronger battery and of course improved camera with lots of tricks. It is also equipped with host of new software that will keep it standout.

Samsung Galaxy S4 cannot be considered as a revolutionary smartphone compared to its predecessor Galaxy S3. It is an evolution, but with big upgrades to lure potential customers.

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Design wise it is said the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been made to make life easier with wellbeing and health improvements apart from better connections and improved camera.

Even though the exterior is still glossy plastic like predecessor Galaxy S3, but it has a comfortable feel of touch and will be made available in ‘Black Mist’ and ‘White Frost’ colors. It sports 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen with dimensions of 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm. It has curved corners to give a retro feel. The phone is lightweight too even being a big device – just 130g only.

At first glance Galaxy S4 is similar to the Galaxy S3 with same sized home button and the same menu as well as back buttons.


Samsung Galaxy S4 is far ahead with all the competitors that claim Full HD. It has jaw-dropping screens with sharpness to wow users. In fact even more than what we have seen in HTC One and Sony Xperia Z big sized phones.

If the plastic exterior is not to mind then be sure you are having cutting-edge HD screens in your pocket.


In the interface aspect of Galaxy S4 Samsung has not really re-tooled its TouchWiz overlay but has equipped it with some clever upgrades that look to be innovative. Check the lock screen where the water rippling is missing but it is now able to measure the finger even if it is two centimeters away.

The latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system has added up to the interface such as notifications bar in top-right, the NFC and also Group Cast. Swiping too is easy now.

The Smart Stay tracks eyes and knows whether user is looking at the screen and can pause or scroll screen of its own, automatically.

Smart Voice has been upgraded too but only by improving the voice recognition accuracy as well as the Driving Mode. Smart Alert now also gets Air Gestures that helps swiping the phone without even touching the screen.


Just like Galaxy S3, the media part is almost identical in Galaxy S4. The video player is important feature to note on the improved Full HD Super AMOLED display. Watching movies on it will make you crazy. The navigation experience of the media hub is now much improved. Mirroring aspect is also being talked about. It helps watching smartphone content on big TV screen.

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Camera has been improved. The Galaxy S4 is mounted with 13-megapixel rear camera with blindingly bright flash light. On the front side it is equipped with 2-megapixel camera. The UI has undergone a bit of change equipped with special mode wheel for shifting from one to another like Macro to Beauty.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery life 

Samsung has upgraded the battery. In Samsung Galaxy S3 it was 2100 mAh but here it is 2400 mAh to give more longer life. Well, the extra pixels of the screen will surely drive some extra battery and it is not sure whether it will translate to the more powerful battery life even though Samsung has promised that its power management is now more intelligent.

So, which is better – Galaxy S4 or S3 ?

We cannot say the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a revolutionary smartphone. It is more of evolution compared to the predecessor Galaxy S3. The Korean giant has come up with the same concept that Apple follows. Each time the phone does not need to be massively overhauled with hardware. Rather it can be have good of upgrade specifications in the next generation.

Well, when you hold the Samsung Galaxy S4 for the first time there will be no such groundbreaking difference be felt in your hand. You won’t be blown away. Yes, it is very much closer to Galaxy S3.

The features are impressive. The integrated Samsung Hub compiles all the media, gaming, book and educational needs together. It is refinement over big innovation.

The camera is impressive too with lots of tricks and improved basics. The flashlight is even brighter than Galaxy S3.

As a whole the phone is superbly impressive even though it is not a huge step forward of the company. Now it is to be seen how Samsung markets the phone. Do share your own views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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