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Jessica Ridgeway Case – Killer Photo Released

10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway’s case has finally reached its destination. It’s been claimed that the FBI officials have reportedly investigated a body which they suspect to be Jessica’s. In an event that cropped up few days ago of a kidnapper, the FBI has crafted a sketch of the possible suspect.

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The police officials have conducted DNA test on the body recuperated in Pattridge Park in Arvada, Colo which was found seven miles away from where the girl vanished to confirm whether the body recovered is of the missing child as per the tweets send on Friday by the Colo police.

FBI’s unit has discharged a profile of the possible kidnapper after considering his characteristics and revealed that a man who often changes his behavior is most likely to be involved in such cases. According to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, such people miss their work, cancel appointments and leave town unexpectedly. Any addition in their appearance is suspected to mislead their original personality in order to escape.

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The police even suspected that such cases happen especially when the parents are separated.

Jessica’s parents have been interrogated about the matter but ruled upon having no clue. The last time Jessica’s mother saw her had been eight hours ago when she left her daughter to the park with her friends to walk to the elementary school. A missing report was then filed by her mother when she did not turn up for the school.

The police succeeded only in searching Jessica’s backpack and a water bottle but refused to disclose what was found in it.  Jessica Ridgeway memorial is being held on October 16, 2012. Please see the memorial site for more information.

Jessica Ridgeway killer photo

This  is the police sketch of a man who tried to kidnap two children in September. It  is being circulated in hopes that it could lead to a break in the Jessica Ridgeway case


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  1. regan says:

    This is just horrible to what happend to Jessica Ridgeway Im just glad that they found the guy who murderd Jessica.

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