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Jodi Arias – Wiki, Travis Alexander Murder Trial Verdict

Here is the Jodi Arias wiki along with the run-up of events leading up to and occurring with relation to the Travis Alexander murder which was propagated throughout the nation as well as parts of the globe and stands as the most recent example of how brutal man’s nature permits him to be. Travis Alexander, a salesman from Arizona was brutally murdered in the safety of his own home with lethal weapons including novice artillery by Jodi Arias, an ex girlfriend. The grotesque crime he was subjected to as well as the trial and verdict of the case has held people stunned out of their wits.

The Convict And The Meeting

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The convict has been identified as a certain Jodi Arias, who was born 3 years post the birth of Travis, in California.  Jodi Ann Arias was born on July 9, 1980 in California (Salinas). The meeting between the convict and the victim took place in the year 2006 at a Prepaid Legal Services conference, a firm who Travis worked for. The conference had taken place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Soon after the meeting, Arias was baptized and not long after that, in the month of February 2007, Jodi and Travis became a couple. However, the couple proceeded to split a mere 4 months later, in the month of June 2007. Following the break up, Travis moved to Mesa, Arizona and took up residence while Jodi moved to California and started living with her grandparents.

The Discovery

The horrific ordeal began with the discovery of Alexander’s body in his Arizona apartment, stabbed and shot in the head. On June 9, 2008, a year after he broke up with Jodi, Alexander was found lying dead in the presumed safety of his own house. He had been stabbed multiple times all over his body as well as shot to the head. Kevin Horn, the medical examiner who handled the case released a statement saying the victim had been stabbed in vital areas and has probably died resulting from the damage to the jugular vein, common carotid artery as well as windpipe. All 3 were slashed in the assault.

The assassination also consisted of gunshots to the victims head but the forensic team reported that the shots were fired after the victim had already deceased from the wounds inflicted from the stabs. Another notable observation was that Travis’s hands had injuries on them that clearly pin-pointed to self defense. These were used to prove that the event had indeed been an assault and it was ruled a homicide.


On 28th May, 2008, there was a robbery at Aria’s grandparent’s house and the stolen objects included a .25 handgun, which was incidentally the same kind as the spent round found at the site of Travis’s murder. A week before the murder occurred, Jodi had rented a car from a rental about 100 miles from the residence of her grandparents and had apparently vouched to drive it locally while studies show that the car had travelled 2800 miles. Moreover, the car was devoid of mats and blotched with red stains which were cleaned before the authorities could examine them. June 5 saw Aria trying to contact Travis multiple times through calls, voice mails etc but could not get through. Later, Alexander’s body was discovered in his shower by a group of concerned friends who informed the authorities about Alexander’s complaints regarding Jodi stalking him. The police recovered a digital camera in Travis’s washing machine and recovered deleted images of Jodi and Travis in sexually suggestive poses on June 4th as well as a murdered Alexander’s pictures clicked 5 days later.

The Trial

The grand jury indicted Arias for the murder of her ex boyfriend Travis on July 9th 2008 and the indictment was brought into effect as well as the accused arrested on July 15 in her apartment. During the trial period, the convict made several statements to both the press and the jury in which she insisted that Alexander had personality disorders which Jodi was assisting him to overcome. She claimed that Alexander was found young children sexually attractive, a trait Jodi was helping him out with. She also claimed she was subject to extreme domestic violence and the murder had occurred in an attempt to defend herself against Travis’s abusive nature.

However, the telltale forensic reports state otherwise and the fact that Jodi had changed her story thrice in court regarding how the murder actually had occurred, her testimony was classified as devoid of credibility. The state prosecution’s witness, a psychologist stated that the convict suffered from borderline personality disorder, a condition which induces huge insecurities about being isolated by a person.  Finally the jury charged the accused with first-degree murder and decided on the penalty to be dealt out. The motion for death penalty by the prosecution was hung by a mistrial. Jodi continues to appeal for a life sentence (with the possibility of release after  25 years). The next hearing will be on July 18, 2013.

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander Crime Scene Photos

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Travis Alexander Crime Scene Photos (Evidence during Investigation)

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