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Justin Bieber Smoking Marijuana ?

News that Justin Bieber was smoking marijuana on the day, the paparazzo died trying to photograph him began to pique when the star was seen smoking at a recent  New Year Party. The 18 year old, according to TMZ was seen rolling up a suspicious cigarette as he chatted with his friends at a hotel room in Newport Beach, California.  The website suggested that the Justin Bieber smoking marijuana pictures emerged on January 2, a day after the 29 year old photographer Chris Guerra was hit by an oncoming vehicle in Los Angeles. He was trying to take the pictures of Justin Bieber in a white Ferrari.

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TMZ quoted Gerra claimed few hours before he died that he saw the youth icon and pop star smoking cannabis through a pipe in the car. Bieber was not driving and the one behind the wheel was Lil Twist, his 19 year old rapper friend.  The car they were driving was Bieber, a $200,000 Ferrari

Back in the hotel room, Bieber was photographed having a merry time with friends as he held the cigarette while his friends enjoyed beer. .

Bieber seems little worried about the previous night’s tragic events, and was laughing heartily as he held the cigarette while his peers drank beer. Justin Bieber was seen complaining about being stayed up late recently and he was hungry and need some late night fast food.  There are reports that a mystery girl had slept in the hotel room, the time the pictures were taken.  Obviously, the girl is not Selena Gomez, whom Justin Bieber had split with recently. Chris Guerra was killed when he was hit by a Toyota Highlander SUV as he was rushing back to his own car as the police had asked him to return to his own car.

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Justin Bieber’s agent has denied the news and has said the pictures of him smoking weed were fake.  Also the source said that there are multiple witnesses that say that the only time Justin left the Four Seasons Hotel on New Year’s Day was to  have lunch at  Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood.


Justin Bieber smoking Marijuana pictures

Fake or real, you decide

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