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Jyoti Singh Pandey’s Friend Speaks to the Media

Delhi Gang rape victim Jyoti Singh Pandey’s boyfriend spoke to Zee News saying that he could have saved the 23 year old trainee physiotherapist. Jyoti was brutally gang raped and assaulted by Ram Singh and five of his accomplices in a moving bus in New Delhi on December 16, 2012

Awindra Pratap Pandey recounted the horror on that night when they had boarded the bus unmindful that four people who were posing as passengers in the bus were planning to attack them. He said that after they were thrown on the roadside, they pleaded for help and no one came forward. “We were lying in the cold night for 20 minutes. We had no clothes. Many cars and auto-rickshaws came and passed by us but no one stopped to offer us help. Even though I was crying for help,” he said.

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‘From where we boarded bus, they moved around for nearly two and a half hours. We were shouting, trying to make people hear us,’ said the 28-year-old, who suffered a broken leg in the attack.’But they switched off the lights. We tried to resist them. Even my friend fought with them, she tried to save me. She tried to dial police control room number 100, but the men snatched the mobile.’

He also squarely blamed police and hospital authorities.”Three PCR (Police Control Room vans) came and they left. In the hospital, no one even thought of giving us a quilt,” he added. Recounting the cruel attack, the young man said the attackers even attempted to “crush” them under the wheels of the bus. Jyoti Singh died on December 29 and was quietly cremated on December 30. The six men have been arrested and are in police custody with a 1000 page charge-sheet filed against them.

Awindra Pandey says, “The bus occupants had everything planned. Apart from the driver and the helper, others behaved like they were passengers. We even paid Rs 20 as fare. They then started teasing my friend and it led to a brawl. I beat three of them up but then the rest of them brought an iron rod and hit me. Before I fell unconscious, they took my friend away.“

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He added, Before throwing us off the bus, they snatched our mobiles and tore off our clothes in order to destroy any evidence of the crime,” Awindra Pandey claimed three police vans arrived at the scene after about 45 minutes, but wasted time in deciding under which police station’s jurisdiction the case fell. He alleged nobody, including the police, gave them clothes or called an ambulance. ‘They were just watching us,’ he said, adding someone gave them a part of bed sheet to cover his friend after repeated requests.

‘My friend was bleeding profusely. But instead of taking us to a nearby hospital, they (police) took us to a far away hospital.’

Awindra Pratap Pandey said that he carried his badly injured friend to the PCR van on his own as the policemen did not help. ‘Nobody from the public helped us. People were probably afraid that if they help us they would become witness to the crime and would be asked to come to police stations and courts,’ he told the channel. ‘Even at the hospital we were made to wait and I had to literally beg for clothes. I borrowed a stranger’s mobile and called my relatives, but just told them that I met with an accident. My treatment started only after my relatives came,’ he said.

‘I was hit on the head. I was not able to walk. I was not able to move my hands for two weeks,’ he said, talking about the injuries he suffered on that horrific night.

While five have been charged with rape and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey, the sixth one who is not yet 18, was believed to be the cruelest of all. The police charge-sheet recalls in detail, according to reports, how he had pulled off the intestines after she had been lying unconscious post rape.  He was also responsible for suggesting that she be thrown out of the bus without clothes.

Jyoti Singh’s father said that the hanging of the people responsible for the attack is a must. He said, ‘The death penalty is compulsory for a crime so great. ‘Of all the persons in the bus, two had engaged in the most barbarism – Ram Singh, the main accused in the case, and the juvenile ‘ said an officer according to the paper. ‘Both of them had subjected her to sexual abuse twice. Singh was the first to rape her followed by the juvenile and then Akshay. Later, when she lost consciousness, Singh and the juvenile raped her a second time.’

Authorities await the outcome of the bone marrow test to decide if the sixth suspect can be treated as a juvenile or an adult. Meanwhile, Indian Chief Justice Altamas Kabir said that the accused should be treated in a swift manner; they should be given a fair trial and not subjected to mob justice.

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  1. Hang them..Kill the six animals.

  2. namrata says:

    The juvinille (under 18) should be treated the same way as other 5,why should he be saved for his age,when he can do a shameless crime,He should not be left behind at all.

  3. Anitha says:

    what kind of country are we living in. No safety for women. All mothers who have girls are scared to send them alone in this barbaric society. It happens only in India……..

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