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Kate Moss Young Photos Fetch £5700

Kate Moss may be 38 but her young photos are also equally dazzling. Some of the rare teenage pictures of Kate Moss are selling for £5700

The supermodel was actually spotted as a talent for the future when she was just a 14 year old school girl in 1988, as she was perched on a seat, waiting to catch a flight at JFK Airport.

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Supermodel Kate Moss was famously scouted as a fourteen-year-old school girl in 1988 as she sat waiting to board a flight at JFK airport. Three pictures of Kate Moss’ young modeling days, of the same year, which is actually her first sitting as a model, surfaced now and they raised £5,700 at t Bloomsbury Auctions in London recently.

The black and white photos taken by David Ross, photographer, reveal a raw yet beautiful,  young Kate Moss smiling in a sweatshirt in her first test shoot, under the tutelage of her new agent, Sarah Doukas, who went on to become Storm Boss.

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The other picture shows her wearing a black shirt and revealing her bony structure which went on to become a fashion benchmark, earning her millions.

While Kate Moss admitted many times that she hated her young photos,  Ross believes that she was ‘refreshingly honest’. Her fans love these pictures and are treasuring these photos of her formative years.  Meanwhile, the 38 year old beauty queen is promoting her first book – The Kate Moss Book.

Agent Ross says, ‘Today I am an actor, and passionate about my craft but I spent the late 80’s / early 90s printing images and taking photographs. When I met Kate and photographed her all those years ago, there was a unique sparkle to her which was bound to evolve into something special, although I had no idea how much at the time. I was very young myself and I just wanted to do my best for Sarah, her agent.’Today, these pictures are very special as they portray her at the absolute threshold of her life changing forever. They are very special to me as they mark unique moments in time and history and this is the first time I have ever printed them to present to the world.”

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