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Kenya Westgate Mall Firing – Pictures of Mayhem

Westgate shopping mall terror attack

Westgate Shopping Mall hostages photos

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Westgate shopping mall firing

Westgate mall hostages

Westgate shopping mall firing pictures

Westgate shopping mall attackOn September 21, 2013; ten unidentified gunmen entered Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya and start firing, killing 69 people and injuring more than 175. Islamist terror group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the Westgate shopping mall firing.

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At noon,  gun-men who were masked, attacked the mall in Westlands district, when it was hosting a Children’s Day event.  For more than 20 hours , combat between terrorists and armed police.  Apart from attacking with assault rifles, they also used grenade explosions.  According to Bloomberg correspondent Marco Lui, who was present on the second floor, when the attack began, there wer two back to back explosions within 5 minutes.  Eyewitnesses say that the guns that were sued were AK-47s.

Security forces trooped into the mall and were looking floor by floor for gunmen who were believed to be with the hostages.  24 hours after the attack, the gunfire still continued at the mall.  The interior cabinet secretary minister Joseph Lenku said that they had managed to save 1000 hostages and were trying to save as much as possible.

According to the statistics, 68 people have died and 175 were rendered injured. 50 bodies were confirmed recovered in the mall and 36 hostages were taken as hostages at a supermarket and a jewelry store.  Among the foreigners who have been killed in the Westgate Shopping Mall firing, there were 2 Indians, three British and two Canadians, a Chinese woman, Ghanian poet Kofi Awoonoor and a South Korean woman.  Four US citizens have also been injured in the attack.

Prominent personalities who have died in the Westgate shopping mall firing include Ruhlia Adatia-Sood, the Radio Africa Group personality,  Anne-Marie Desloges, Secretary for the Canadian Embassy and her nephew Uhuru Kenyatta, Mbugua Mwangi and girlfriend Rosemary Wahito.

An eyewitness said that the attackers had told Muslims to exit the mall and only non-Muslims would be targeted. The incident is close on the warnings from Al-Shabaab that it would carry attacks in the country in exchange to Operation Linda Nchi. Before opening the firing, the gunmen asked, “Who is the prophet’s mother?” in order to distinguish Muslims from non-Muslims.

The police say that among the attackers, there were four males and one female, all dressed in black.  According to Sunday Telegraph , the United Nations had warned Kenya of an attack of this magnitude.  The United States issued a statement through the White House stating, “The United States has offered its full support to the Kenyan government to bring justice to those responsible for this heinous act.”

Kenya Westgate Mall Terror Attack -Pictures


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