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Kim Kardashian – Diet Plan, Workout Routine

Millions of people all over the world want to know about the Kim Kardashian diet plan. What does Kim Kardashian eat? Women who want to get that shapely figure of Kim K need not look any further. Presented below are the details about Kim Kardashian diet plan and her fitness regime.

It may be noted that the Kim Kardashian diet plan is not for women who want to stay wafer thin; but for those who want a Kim-like healthy body shape, as well as for those who enjoy their daily intake of food. Women who follow the Kim Kardashian diet plan will get to enjoy 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Presented below is a sample of Kim Kardashian diet plan for a day.

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The daily menu adds up to 1500 calories. It will help you satiate you hunger, while at the same time prevent you from getting fat. You will definitely enjoy this diet, as you do not need to starve yourself. Your body will also become strong and healthy.

The Kim Kardashian diet plan

The Kim Kardashian diet plan is high in protein. This will enable you to feel satiated and thus less likely to indulge in cravings.

It may be noted that the diet listed below does not comprise of dairy products. Adults going for the Kim Kardashian diet plan may include milk, yogurt, or cheese to the diet listed below. It is also recommended that you add a calcium supplement to this diet.

The Breakfast: The aim of this breakfast menu is to offer a balance of carbs, protein, and lots of fiber. This will keep you full and energized during the morning hours.

  • Whole wheat toast along with two teaspoons of butter.
  • Two medium scrambled eggs which are cooked with non-stick spray in pan
  • A fruit cup with peaches, grapefruit, and one cup honeydew melon. Individuals may go for some other fruits as long as they are not dried.

The Lunch: It is important to include plenty of fresh vegetables in the lunch menu. Keep the meal as low fat as possible. This will prevent sleepiness post lunch.

  • A large green salad
  • 5 oz. of grilled sliced chicken breast
  • Two tablespoons of dressing

The Dinner: This is the last meal and hence should be filling and nourishing. Individuals will intake extra vegetables, additional proteins via fish, and more complex carbs.

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  • One cup of steamed carrots and cauliflower
  • 4 oz. wild Pacific salmon along with lemon slices
  • One medium baked potato along with two tablespoons of low-fat sour cream

Just before going to sleep, you may treat yourself for following the Kim Kardashian diet plan. 1 oz.of dark chocolate will make you feel rewarded and keep you motivated.

It is important for people following the Kim Kardashian diet plan to drink at least 8 oz. glasses of water on a daily basis.It is advisable that individuals consult a nutritionist before changing the diet.

Kim Kardashian workout routine

It may be noted that the Kim Kardashian diet plan is not just about the food. In fact the workout plan of Kim is what keeps her fit and healthy. Kim generally works out with her personal trainer twice a day.

Her workout in the mornings include long runs on the treadmill, while she usually focuses on strength training in the evenings. The added time spent at the gym is what distinguishes the Kim Kardashian diet plan from varied other diet plans and exercise programs.

Women who wish to shed those extra pounds can opt for the Kim Kardashian diet plan and follow it for a few weeks. When the changes become evident, you can continue the diet plan for as long as you please. It is important to plan the meals in advance so as to avoid the foods not mentioned in the Kim Kardashian diet plan.Decreasing the daily consumption of sugars, gluten, and dairy will definitely aid in the loss of those additional, unwanted pounds.

After the meals have been planned out, you may commence the daily fitness regime. It is essential to get a good cardio workout. This can be done via a jog, a bike ride, or runs on the treadmill. It will help you set the tone for the day. Women who opt for the Kim Kardashian diet plan and workout program will definitely observe and feel the change in their body and mind, after just a few days! A great strength training plan for the evenings will also keep you motivated during the bad days, and prevent you from going astray. It is essential to concentrate on two muscle groups each day, thereby avoiding a burnout.

The Kim Kardashian diet plan is a unique combination of healthy eating habits and a regular exercise regimen. It will definitely help you lose those extra pounds and leave you with a healthy and fit body.

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