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Kim Kardashian Tweets her Vampire Facial Photos

Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial, featuring her face smeared in blood. The facial is derived from two teaspoonfuls of blood from the arm, in which  two teaspoons of blood is removed from the arm, and put into a spinning machine to remove platelets, some stem cells, growth factors; which are then reinjected through tiny needless over the face to rebuild collagen and cause smooth skin. During the process, the blood is splattered on the face, which Kim Kardashian shared on  Instagram

“There’s not a lot of science behind it,” said Dr. Joseph Merola, a dermatologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “In theory, growth factors will thicken the skin’s outer dermis, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and provide some rejuvenation, but all of these cells in the skin are already bathed in blood and perfused with these growth factors.”

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It is still a matter of speculation whether these factors that are applied to the face can help reverse aging.  Merola does not rule out the possibility of an infection, especially if the procedure is performed with less medical supervision.

Whether injecting these factors directly to facial areas will repair or reverse the aging process remains speculative at best.

The cost of vampire facials is said to be $1000.  Dr. Jeff Spigel, a Chestnut Hill Plastic Surgeon says, “The concept is attractive, this process of rebuilding the body’s own fluid with some healing properties and injecting into areas to rebuild collagen. “ But he says that the results can go either way. . “Anytime you inject fluid in the face, you’ll see some improvement in the skin’s appearance, but they may last only three or four days,” Spiegel said. “Some people may have longer-lasting results but how much improvement they’ll have is hard to quantify.”

There is no concrete proof that vampire facials will work but if you do, you have to do it under the supervision of a certified doctor.

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Kim Kardashian with her friend Jonathan Chebanm, who advised to go for Vampire Facial

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