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Lady Gaga Weight Gain – Is she fat ?

Lady Gaga weight gain, fat pictures are trending but she is honest enough to say that she is proud of it and she was bulimic at one point in time.

The Disco Stick singer is popular strictly because of her looks and the way she is dressed up at every music video of her. However, a recent photograph of Gaga hit the internet this month and it wasn’t loved by the viewers much. Gaga looked a bit out of shape and she herself admitted that she has gained some pounds lately. The 26 year old pop celeb posted 4-5 pictures on the internet, insufficiently dressed in just underwear that showed every bulges of her body on the public forum.

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Gaga shared with her fans that when she was young, she was bulimic. She suffered from Bulimia Nervosa and had other eating disorders. For this, she encouraged her fans to share their photos on the web if they are not much pleased with their shape. She termed it as the “Body Revolution” and one can have a look at it on her website,

Gaga said that she along with her mother have created and introduced the Born This Way foundation. According to this foundation, Gaga asked those who are not born perfect to be confident about their body. This foundation actually worked and many of her fans have already posted their photos on the web that are having some kind of body disorders.

Gaga recently shared on a radio channel that she is not much bothered about her weight gain. She has to be on a vigorous diet all the time and so she is trying to find out a new balance by which she can stay fit and healthy.

Lady Gaga weight gain photos

Do look at this Lady Gaga bikini pictures as well as in other outfits and let us know if she is fat ?

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