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Lindsay Lohan Car Accident – Hits Manhattan Chef in New York

Lindsay Lohan faces the prospect of jail time in New York after she hit a chef with her car. She was allegedly in a drunken state which adds further fuel to the situation. The chef who was fuming over the incident alleged that Lohan refused to acknowledge his presence as a pedestrian and such a case was a direct result of her being rich and powerful. The chef is believed to have torn his leg tendons.

34 year old Manhattan chef Jose Rodriguez said that the Mean Girls star was slurring and “smelled of alcohol read bad .” Grainy, blurred video footage shows Lindsay Lohan’s Porsche coming out from the night club at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan and moving towards the crowd.

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“They acted like I was nothing,” Jose Rodriguez said of the actress and her male companions. “That no one could touch her because she was rich and powerful.”  In his statement, the victim said, “I had just left work at Bottega in the Maritime when I saw this car come real quick and hit me. I was in so much pain,I fell to the side.”’

Cops who pulled Lohan for questioning did not find any trace of Lohan having been drunk. Lohan is already a rehab veteran and if she was indeed drunk it might not augur well for her reputation. Presently, she is trying to make a comeback in her career after being pegged back by various obstacles like house arrests and rehabs. Surveillance video drawn up from the area also contradicts the chef, Rodriguez’s story. Police Commisioner Raymond Kelly has expressed his confidence about the fact that Lohan was not in an impaired state.

Lohan was arrested when the club securities called 911 at around 2.30 A.M. Upon arrest Lohan called her father, a lawyer and her friend namely Domingo Zapata. The Porsche, in which the accident happened, belonged to Domingo Zapata who had bought it from Sierra but still had not switched the registration. Lohan is known to have borrowed it from time to time.

The video footage shows Lindsay Lohan’s car allegedly hitting Manhattan chef in front of the Dream Hotel in New York City

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The car is driving down the hotel into the village

We can see Jose Rodriguez trying to chase Lindsay’s car.

This is Lindsay Lohan’s Porsche that allegedly hit the Manhattan chef

Lindsay Lohan car accident video footage

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