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List of iPhone 5 problems

The first weekend involving the sale of the iPhone 5 witnessed a mad rush to the stores by numerous customers so as to be able own the new prized trophy. As per the estimates given by Apple, an astounding five million iPhones were sold during the first weekend, which is quicker than any iPhone model that was previously sold.

However, once the customers took the slimmer, taller, 4G LTE-enabled iPhone 5 to their homes, they noticed a number of problems which were not evident at the stores.

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Some of the iPhone 5 problems are discussed below:

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  • The Maps App is terrible: Users who have checked out information about the iPhone 5 over the Internet, television and other media channels, may have noticed a lot of complaints from the users of the iPhone 5, as well as those iDevice users who have upgraded the operating system on their gadgets to iOS 6. Such complaints are usually about the messy state of the Maps App that is available on the iPhone 5 with iOS 6. The new Maps App is a replacement for Google Maps in the new version of the iOS. It comes riddled with various problems such as failure to locate addresses, mislabeled cities, etc. The messy app is big problem for the iDevice users, especially city dwellers. Due to the public outcry over the terrible Maps App, the CEO of Apple has rendered a public apology.
  • The updated Siri is also a Mess: The new Siri that comes with the iOS 6, sometimes confuses cities that have the same name but located in different states. This issue also occurs in the Maps App of Apple. For example, When Siri is asked about weather information in New York City, then it provides forecasts and temperatures for New York, Texas. Similarly, Siri can be observed mixing up the towns of Carrollton in Indiana and Texas, as well as the cities of St. Louis in Georgia and Missouri.
  • The iPhone 5 is too light and thin: Apple had marketed the iPhone 5 as the “lightest iPhone ever.” However, a number of users have complained about the fact that the device is too thin and too light and thus quite flimsy, fragile and not so user friendly. A lot of users have raised this issue on various social networking sites. An iPhone user even tweeted that the device is competing with Samsung in the flimsy feel department.
  • The battery life is below par for some iPhone 5 users: It is a known fact that the launch of each new iPhone brings along with it complaints about the battery life. Some users of the iPhone 5 have also faced similar sub-par battery life issues. A user even commented that the iPhone lost forty percent of the fully charged battery within an hour. It is currently unknown whether the battery drain experienced by certain iPhone 5 users is due to certain energy-hungry apps, or overuse, or due to some defect in the iOS 6. It may also be noted that during a major presentation of the iPhone 5, the company claimed that standby battery life of the device is 255 hours which is greater than the 200 hours of battery life provided by the iPhone 4S. Users who are facing battery issues should check the battery troubleshooting guide available on the Apple website.
  • It is prone to easy scratching: All users of iPhones will vouch for the fact that it is an expensive device and hence all of them take great care of it. Many users have noticed that the iPhone 5 which comes with a new aluminum casing, which was not present in the previous editions of iPhones, is prone to easy development of scratches and dings, especially the black iPhone 5. This is a cause of great distress.
  • The phone leaks light: A lot of users have noticed that the white iPhone 5 tends to leak a small amount of light from the top right hand corner of the gadget’s screen. It is possible to detect the ‘leaked’ light after activating the screen in a darkened room. In 2011, the iPad 2 also had a similar issue of light leakage.
  • Unusual sounds: A few owners of iPhone 5 have complained that they can hear distinct rattling sounds when they shake the device. A few users on the Apple forums have stated that Apple claims the sounds to be normal and created by the different camera components, while others state that it can be due to an unglued battery. The latter issue can however be resolved by visiting an Apple store.
  • The error “No SIM Card installed”: Many iPhone 5 users have reported encountering an annoying “No SIM Card installed” error message, after they insert the SIM card in the device and turn on the phone. The issue may be resolved by restarting the iPhone 5 by holding down the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time. If the issue persists, visit an Apple store for a resolution or a change of SIM card.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity problems: Some iPhone 5 users have reported about slow to nil Wi-Fi connectivity in their devices. This issue may arise while trying to connect to a secure Wi-Fi connection known as WPA2 and can be fixed by changing to a less secure Wi-Fi connection.
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