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Madonna Shares Her Diet Plan, Workout Routine

Madonna may be over 50 years of age. She may not be as popular as the Material Girl, or as  idolized as she was in her times. However, none of this has stopped her from looking fabulous. She has managed to stay fit and healthy well into her fifties. The strong and toned body of Madonna comprising of the rock hard abs, the super solid thighs, and the eye-popping biceps, have been the subject of much attention. She has indeed managed to build-up a super sexy body. Her incredible body is a source of inspiration and envy for many!

Madonna is extremely committed to her health and fitness. She has even come up with her own gym chain known as Hard Candy. It was started by Madonna along with Nicole Winhoffer, her current physical trainer. It may however be noted that these gymnasiums are located in Russia, Chile and Mexico, though there are plans for expansion to different parts of the world.

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It is a foregone conclusion that Madonna has remained a trendsetter. The same holds true for her diet and her fitness regime. Discussed below are some of the salient features of Madonna diet and workout program.

The Madonna workout routine

Dance has always been a major part of Madonna’s job, and hence she has tried to use dance inspired workouts throughout her life. She used to work with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson for many years, who used dance inspired workouts to tone Madonna’s body. Madonna currently trains with dancer and workout specialist Nicole Winhoffer. She is woman behind the scenes who helps Madonna get ready for the demanding dance performances on the stage. One of the current favorite workout programs of Madonna is the Barre3. It is a strength workout which is based on ballet. It specifically targets the guts, legs, and core. Dance cardio classes are also available at Madonna’s gym chain, Hard Candy.

Madonna does not rely on a single program or training regimen. In addition to the dance inspired workout plans, she has continued her runs, as was the case when she first broke into the music industry. Often she rides her bike to the gym. She generally works outs with her trainer for 6 days in a week, and usually goes for a combination of toning, stretching, cardio, strengthening, arms, and abs.

Her day usually begins with a yoga session at her home gym. Later, she goes to a Pilates studio in North London. Post lunch, she begins her third session of exercises. She usually opts from a number of options such as swimming, karate, running, weightlifting, horse riding, and cycling. It is also stated that Madonna uses a StairMaster as she attends to her daily work in the office. She tends to spend at least 45 minutes per day on the StairMaster.

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It is also rumored that Madonna employs a complex machine known as a Gyrotonic Expansion System. This device is known for toning and stretching the smaller muscles. After her equestrian accident, it was also reported that she purchased a Power Plate, which is a vibrating platform that is said to aid bone density. It also helps in fighting osteoporosis.

The Madonna diet plan

Coconut water:

Madonna is really gaga over coconut water. It is an essential part of her diet. Coconut water has potassium and electrolytes, which respectively help support the muscles and rehydrate the body. In fact her love for coconut water was what made her buy the Vita Coco company!It may be noted that coconut water is not sweet, but has a somewhat metallic or sour taste. However, it contains just 39 calories per 100 ml serving, only traces of fat, and low sugar quantity. It is also a great source of Vitamins B and C, and other nutrients such as manganese, iron, calcium, protein, zinc, and magnesium.Nicole Winhoffer, her trainer, has also advised her to take ginseng so as to manage the blood sugar levels, increase energy, and stimulate the flow of blood.

A macrobiotic diet:

Madonna’s diet comprises of food stuffs which aid the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in the bowel. This in turn helps in fighting illnesses. Hence, a macrobiotic diet largely comprises of vegetables, whole grains, soy, seaweed, tempeh, etc. which encourage the growth and flourishing of intestinal bacteria.It may be noted that this diet has a scientific basis. It can be compared to a probiotic diet which is available through supplements or via yogurt. The ‘good’ bacteria help in the varied digestive processes and restrict the growth of unfriendly or ‘bad’ bacteria such as yeast, etc. which can cause stomach ailments. It has also been reported that Madonna eats lots of fruits like oranges, apples, peaches, and plenty of berries as snacks. It may be noted that Madonna’s macrobiotic diet has its basis in the Japanese culinary traditions.

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