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Mars UFO Pictures, Rover Sightings

These Mars UFO sighting pictures picked up from Curiosity rover  are making people interested in the Red Planet again.

There are emerging reports that there are UFOs on Mars, the cameras began to transmit images that looked weird and surprising.

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This is an image taken by the Curiosity rover as it lands on Mars in its early days on August 2012. To the left of the center, you can see a black colored object faintly. Take a look at the picture below to see the object closely.
As we pan to the image, we see that it looks circular in shape.
A closeup of the picture shows the object in better clarity.
You can see UFOS flying on Maritan landscape, pictures taken by Curiosity Rover. But it seems like there are four such UFOs on Mars. Since the original picture cannot be seen clearly, Youtube poster StephenHannardADGUK used filters to accentuate the objects
You can now see the close-up of the UFO with a different colored filter as used by StephenHannardADGU.
There cannot be a clearer picture of an alleged UFO on Mars. So, what do you guys think ?  Also read about Curiosity Rover landing on Mars.
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