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Miranda Kerr Diet Plan

It is a known fact that people all over the world keep searching the internet for Miranda Kerr diet plan and her fitness regime. She is a world famous supermodel. Miranda rose to fame as a model for Victoria’s Secret. However, as of today she does not need any label or brand to promote her. She is immensely popular and a big brand herself. A lot of labels approach her so as to sell their products.

Miranda Kerr is a supremely gorgeous Australian supermodel. She has a body with killer curves, creamy skin, and adorable dimples on her cheeks. A chic persona completes the profile of this super beauty. No wonder she has millions of fans the world over!

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The Miranda Kerr diet plan

Miranda Kerr is known for following the blood type diet, often referred to as “Eat Right For You.” The diet was developed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.According to this diet, individuals have to eat as per their blood group. This aids in better digestion of food. Miranda Kerr has said that this diet is what helps her easily digest the food, and thus keep her slim figure. Strict adherence to this diet plan has helped her stay fit and healthy.

Miranda says, “I am blood type A. Hence, I generally try to eat foods specific to my blood type.”

It may also be noted that the diet is working wonders for Miranda Kerr. However, it may not show the same results on others. Hence, individuals must consult a nutritionist before opting for the Miranda Kerr diet plan.

The blood type of Miranda Kerr is A. Hence, Miranda Kerr diet plan includes vegetables, ocean fish, and small amounts of organic range chicken. Miranda has also affirmed that she intakes high-alkaline and low GI food items, plenty of filtered water, very low quantity of freshly produced meats and fresh organic foods.

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Miranda often suffers from low iron in the body leading to anemia. This is because of the low intake of meats associated with blood type A diet. This is the reason why Miranda tries to consume foods that have high iron content. It may be noted that animal flesh comprises of heme iron which is open for absorption. But vegetables and other plants have low quantities of iron for absorption. This is what causes low iron levels in humans who are on a veggie diet.Miranda states that she has suffered from low iron almost all her life. Due to the blood type A Miranda Kerr diet plan, she tries to avoid meat more often than not. She only takes meat when needed.

Miranda says that she adopts the 80/20 principle, wherein she consumes healthy foods 80 percent of the times, and splurges on some of her favorite foods (which may or may not be healthy) 20 percent of the times. She rarely counts calories and only indulges in unhealthy foods on rare occasions. Her weakness includesrich dark chocolate and fatty French fries.

On most days, Miranda ideally starts with a glass of freshly made green juice along with cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, and parsley. After about 30 minutes, she consumes a smoothie. Later, she has oatmeal or organic eggs for breakfast. This offers a great start to the day for Miranda Kerr. She believes that breakfast is indeed one of the most important meals of the day, and it is what gets the body started.

It may also be noted that Miranda Kerr diet plan also includes a workout regime. It is what keeps her fit and strong. Despite her busy schedule, Miranda never misses her fitness plans. Her workout regime comprises of Pilates and ballet. Most of the ballet moves can be easily replicated by women at their homes. One need not seek professional help for the ballet exercises. Two pounds of weight and a horizontal rod that is about waist length will be sufficient to get you started.

The ballet workout is what gives the awesome shape to Miranda’s shoulders. It is one of the best exercises as people have to balance the weight of one’s body, and also perform varied stretching exercises like extending the legs, arms, etc. This will help you develop and maintain the Miranda Kerr-like toned muscles.

Another facet of Miranda Kerr’s fitness plan includes regular sessions of yoga. It helps one to harmonize and balance the energy in the body. Meditation and chanting included in yoga practices helps energize and revitalize the body.

Thus, it is important to remember that the Miranda Kerr diet plan is not just about the kind of food, but also about maintaining the fitness of the body. It is also essential for individuals to consult a doctor before opting for the Miranda Kerr diet plan. Each individual may need to tweak the diet to suit their needs and body type.

Here is more information on Miranda Kerr’s workout plan

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