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Miranda Kerr: Workout and Diet

Miranda Kerr flat abs photos are a testimony to her workout regime and an excellent diet.

It is very natural to envy the awesome figure of Miranda Kerr, who is a mother too. Kerr is married to the handsome Orlando Bloom and has a super cute kid. This 24 year old Australian model is blessed with a gorgeous figure, no doubt, but how she manages to remain so fit and fine is question which arises in almost everyone’s mind. She keeps herself slim and trim and looks the best at every Award function. She can wear anything and still looks fab all the time.

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Miranda Kerr’s washboard abs and curvy figure is a result of her hard work along with the support of her gym trainer, Justin Gelband. Upon asked by many journalists, Justin shared Miranda’s fitness regime and her diet with the media. He said that Victoria’s Secret wanted lean and tight models and Miranda was the perfect one for that. Miranda looks lean and strong at the same time. It’s true that she is a slim girl but yet she is not malnutritioned like many other lingerie models.

Miranda Kerr workout regime

Miranda works out at the gym for approx 75 to 90 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Her fitness regime includes a full body workout, which includes 30 minutes on her legs, 30 minutes on arms and balance and 15 minutes of stretching.

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Justin further added that he even asked Miranda to include the medicine ball in her trips outside the city. Miranda even manages her slim and tall body by doing yoga for every half an hour a day. She even walks a lot in case she is not able to do yoga for the day.

It looks quite an effort to be like her and flaunt a figure like her. If you can really include these things in your fitness regime, then gaining a body like her isn’t that tough.

Miranda Kerr – Victoria’s Secret Diet

The lovely model loves to snack on fruits and lives on the sugar in them for energy. Miranda Kerr is always found munching on blueberries, raspberries, pomegranates, strawberries and boysenberries.  These form the secret of her energy and glowing skin.

Victoria likes to eat old-fashioned and sensible – oatmeal for breakfast, egg whites, cottage cheese, fruit, yogurt and muesli.  She says that Victoria’s Secret models breakfast need to be packed with carbohydrates because they have to be constantly on the move and stay focused.

For lunch, Miranda loves salads with chicken and fish, with a fruit as a healthy snack. Dinner for the lissome woman includes brown rice and sashimi, fish, chicken, turkey and vegetables.  Miranda Kerr loves to  indulge in dark chocolates or ice-cream twice a week.  She drinks a lot of water; which helps her in flushing out the toxins from her system and making her skin glow with beauty.

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