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Meet Monica Bellucci’s boyfriend – Telman Ismailov (Photos)

Monica Bellucci, dubbed by many, as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ announced that she has split with her husband- actor Vincent Cassel.  She is now known to be involved with a property-magnate boyfriend from Azerbaijan called Telman Ismailov.

48 year old Bellucci who has starred in memorable movies like ‘Malena’, ‘Irreversible’, ‘Combine Tu’ Aimes’ and then in Hollywood ventures like ‘The Passion of Christ’ and ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ told Grazia, “ Marriage, we never know how long it will last. Today it works, but in a year, I don’t know.”

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Monica Bellucci and Vincent have been living separately for years.  Cassel who is 46 met Monica in the year 1996 when he was filming for ‘l’Appartment’.  He told Closer Magazine, “My wife and me are very different animals. This is probably the key to our relationship after 18 years together. We don’t seek others’ approval.”  The couple lived together for 3 years before the married in Monaco, discreetly.

While Monica Bellucci is immensely popular around the world, Cassell is a huge movie star in France.  In the 14 years of marriage, the couple had two daughters, 7 year old Deva and 3 year old, Leonie.  Sources say that couple have split by ‘mutual agreement.

Monica Belluci is now dating a property owner known as Telman Ismailov, hailing from Azerbaijan. Sources say that the relationship between Ismailov and Bellucci, which was spawned in 2009, soured the relationship between the husband and wife.

Who is Telman Ismailov ?

This 56 year old businessman is the chairman of AST Group of companies which has its branches in many countries across the globe.  He was born on October 26, 1956 to a family of 12 children, he is the 10th child. He comes from a family of Persian Jews that hailed from Azerbaijan.  He created the brand ‘AST’ after the initials of his two sons, Alik, Sarhan and himself. He had invited the ire of Russian prime-minister Vladimir Putin, when he had opened a luxurious hotel in Antalya,  the PM was livid because the business magnate had made heavy investments abroad when the country was going through a credit crunch.  In June 6, 2013; Ismailov bought the Beitar Jerusalem FC, the Israeli Soccer team.

Telman Ismailov is a billionaire and his net-worth is more than $ 2 billion. He is known to spend lavishly on singers, giving away millions of dollars on singers like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Tom Jones and the like. For just 10 minutes of her song-time, Telman paid a whopping $1.4 million. The video is ‘Happy Birthday’ which Jennifer Lopez sang for him.  Telman Ismailov is friends with the likes of Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Richard Gere and Monica Bellucci.

Jennifer Lopez sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Telman Ismailov – Video

Monica Belluci with husband Vincent Cassel Pictures

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Monica Bellucci with boyfriend Telman Ismailov – Pictures

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